Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well this year I decided to drag out the rusty (not really) crochet hooks and make a few gifts for the grandkids. Ran across a really cute hoody sweater pattern and away I went. I had so much fun I just kept makeing things and it hasn't stopped yet.
Now I seem to be on a mission to make a new hat for everyone I know. Soon I'll have to sign up for crocheters anon. or some such help group. I'm home from work with a bug and I even sent the sitter that takes care of my mother-in-law out on a yarn buying spree. I think I need help }:>) but I'm having fun and hopefully everyone will enjoy their new hats, sweaters, slippers and whatever else I whip up in the next 7 days.
It's been years since I've done any serious crocheting and I had forgotten how rewarding it can be. I guess this will be my creative passion for this winter.


  1. Could you share the name and location of the hoodie pattern. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharring.

  2. Would you share what the name of the pattern and the yarn used - love the subtle plaid.

    Peace of the Season

  3. Thanks! The pattern was a Bernat freebie I picked up at Hobby Lobby but you get it on their website. You do have register but it's free and they have all kinds of fre patterns. The pattern name is Pink Camo Hoodie. The yarn I used was Coats and Clark Pink Camo and I don't remember the green color but they are right by each other. I got the yarn at Michaels but Walmart carries it too. It works up very fast and easy. Enjoy!