Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crochet Hats and MORE CROCHET HATS!

Dec. 15th-18th I had to stay home with an ear infection. I don't make a good patient cause I just can't stay down and do nothing. So out of boredom I decided to make a hat for a friend for Christmas and then I lost all of my senses and decided to make hats for most of my family and Friends too. So I started making a list and came up with 20 have to's and 5 wants to's and away I went. I crocheted every available moment I could squeeze in. By Christmas day I had finished 18 hats. The 2 I didn't get finished I promised to get right on. So here it is Dec 30th and I have finished all the hats and have the late ones ready to mail out tomorrow. I don't think I'll challenge myself quite that much next year... but it really was fun. Those who received the hats for Christmas all seemed please..or at least were very convincing with their approval. Hope those who receive them late will be happy with theirs too. This is not the complete collection just a random assortment. I'll have to start planning next years gifts a little sooner than Dec. 15th.

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