Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cold Windy Days and Baking Friendship Bread

Baby it's cold outside....and I do mean cooooold }:>) We've really had a very mild fall this year but today that came to an end. It's only 18 degrees outside right now and the wind is fierce. One of those days where I really didn't mind coming home early from work. It gave me the opportunity to fire up the oven and bake more Amish Friendship Bread.
You know the kind where a "friend" gives you a big baggie with a starter in it and then you're stuck with the responsibility of remembering to feed it on the right day and give it the proper TLC (also known as mushing the bag) every day for 10 days. Then you get to feed it again, divide it up into more big baggies for unsuspecting "friends" and use the last cup to bake up 2 loaves of heavenly delight. HIGH in fat and calories but oh soooooo delicious.
Now at this point you can give all of the baggies away or save one for yourself and start the whole routine all over again. Or you can be like me who has run out of friends who will accept a baggie of any kind from me and your stuck with it all. So today I'm cooking lots of fattening bread to give away and what's left of the starter will probably end up in the compost pile. I'm tired of feeding big baggies.

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