Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Summer's Lasr Hooray

Well I've finally forced myself to throw out the remnants of the last flower bouquet of 2009. I hated to do it ... it meant I was admitting that the season is really over and winter is upon us. Even the recent "Monsoons of October" didn't bother me as much. My last bouquet was the best of the season. Picking every bloom I could before the big frost. The Dahlias were so pretty this year!
At least this week it has been warmer and actually sunny and I've been able to get outside and work in the yard. Cleaning up the flowerbeds and getting the veggie garden ready for next spring. I even managed to get the last of the garlic planted. I'll probably buy more bulbs to plant just to have a reason to be out there digging and I'll enjoy them in the spring. More bouquets to bring inside and to enjoy.


  1. gorgeous pics mom! and i know what you mean, but now we just have to work that much harder to find the beauty of THIS time.

  2. At least you have photos to remember the bouquet by! It's beautiful!!