Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The One Zucchini Garden

I've never heard of anyone EVER having a one zucchini garden but that's what I have this year. The plant just bloomed and blooomed but it only produce one lonely zucchini and then it died..or I should say became lunch for the squash bore invasion. I had given up on it giving me any more squash.. after all it's late August and things are winding down in the garden. At least the Chinese green beans where very prolific this year and the garlic was oustanding. It has definitely been a challenging year. The tomatoes have only been so so and there won't be the big canning fest I had hoped for..but there are a few jars waiting for those cold winter night soups and sauces.

1 comment:

  1. Your post made me laugh so hard! I should photograph all the tomato plants I have growing in pots on my deck. It's the same story...big, lush, beautiful plants, and I got about 6 cherry sized tomatoes out of them. It would have been cheaper to buy a dozen big tomatoes and leave it at that! I call it my Charlie Brown garden.