Wednesday, May 16, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday

Good Morning my Tuesday Friends!!!
Once again I have been missing in action and I do believe that this will be the case all summer. My time is being eat up by family and garden and that is a good thing. 
The big news is that the Babies are here and healthy!!!!!

 They came home yesterday which is way this is a day late. Packing up and transferring everything and everyone is an all day affair.   
Here they are at home finally...
This is Maryana Lynn 

and this is 
Dominic Anthony
They are very very tiny and as all preemies they are having a bit of trouble nursing, but breast pumps are an amazing thing and they take the bottle well. She does hope to get them to nurse full time eventually. 
Grandpa is in SEVENTH HEAVEN 
and Grandma is pretty happy too!!!
Big sister is thrilled too...
They will never be starved for attention ♥ 
At the home front things are blooming like crazy and the Monarch season has started.

It's going to be a very busy summer and I apologize ahead of time for not visiting all of you regularly! As things settle in and get more normal I should be around more.
Today's  Random Thought

“Being a mother is an attitude, not a biological relation.”― Robert A. Heinlein

PS..... I still don't have the hang of this laptop.... New gadgets are hard for this old lady :) 



  1. Hi such a sweet post! The babies are adorable and I can see already they will be spoiled-which is a good thing.
    I am sooo far behind in the gardens with this crazy weather from too cold to too hot that's just the way it is here in Missouri which I will never get used to with my Midwestern roots of farmers. Happy T Day Hugs

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, proud grandmother! So glad to see the preemies are healthy, yet SOOOOOOOOOO tiny. Don't worry about being late. I'll find you. You can't hide from me (grin). Thanks for sharing the babies, their sister, the mom and dad, you and your husband, and the mug with us for T this Wednesday. LOVED the iris shots, too.

  3. Congratulations! They look so gorgeous, lovely to see them. Happy (late) T day, hugs, Valerie

  4. So pleased to hear your news, many congratulations! The twins looks adorable, I can see why you are all in seventh heavens and so happy 😁. Your garden is looking beautiful and with all those butterflies it looks like you are going to be busy 😉. Sending you Happy T Day wishes this Thursday! J 😊 x

  5. How EXCITING! Congrats. They are sure cute, and you must be thrilled as I know you have been waiting! Glad you shared the fun with us. Happy belated T Day. Hugs-Erika

  6. So sweet those little bundles!

    Enjoy this special time with your family.

  7. OhMyGosh, congratulations to ALL! I bet everybody is so excited... lots of smiles. They are darling and I am glad they are Here and Healthy! You are going to have so much fun Carol!

  8. oh my goodness, those twins are gorgeous! congrats to everyone ♥

  9. Congrats all 'round! What a joy!

    No monarchs here, and I haven't seen any in years. I'm glad some folks still get them :)