Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Back for T Stands For Tuesday

I think I'm back... not really very sure. It's one of those times when life grabs you by the butt and whirls you around refusing to let go. 
Have been spending lot of time with my parents. 
Dad is doing much better and was even released from physical therapy this week. However, his twin brother has not been as lucky. He fell and hurt his back and when they did the x-rays they discovered that he has advanced lung cancer that has spread through out his organs and lymph system. Due to his other conditions treatment is not advisable and they have given him just a few months to live. 
So with permission and lots of advice of Dad's doctors my sister and I took him and my mom to Kentucky for 10 days. 
It was a long drive with having to stop every hour to let Dad walk around for 15 min. per doctors orders. 
Here is the "BOYS" on our first morning there. Having breakfast on the deck. 
Dad is on the right . They both wear glasses but Uncle Wilburn broke his and refuses to spend money on another pair. They are identical twins and up until the last few years you could not tell them apart if you didn't know them. 
Wilburn Coy Williams 
Wayburn Troy Williams 
I have no idea where the names came from as I have never heard them anywhere else. 
We also managed to have a small impromptu  reunion with the folks from Mom's side of the family. Fifty seven cousins showed up with only a 2 day notice. Mom was very happy and of course cried a lot. 
The garden season is almost over. It's been so dry here with no rain for over a month and everything is getting pretty crunchy. While I was gone Bob forgot to water the flower beds and the veggies. :(  So all of the annuals are pretty much gone and the perennials look pretty sad. 
I still have tomatoes, cucumbers and watermelons in the veggie garden but the watermelons are the only ones that look good. 
They are delicious this year. This one weighed 20 pounds and the one we picked last night was 33 pounds. 

The one by the coffee cup is the BIG DADDY that came in at 33 pounds. There are a few more small ones out there but don't know if they will get ripe before it gets too cold. 
Same goes with the tomatoes. There are a whole lot of little green ones out there but we'll see if they make it to ripe . If not we'll have fried green tomatoes. :)
Still no art happening here. I have been working on crochet and knit Christmas gifts though.  I haven't knit in over 4o years so I'm a bit rusty with it . I finished the cowl I started and it took me a whole month to do it :- /
Now I'm working on a pair of finger-less gloves. Which are going much faster :) 

The gloves are for my daughter-in-law who works from home 2 days a week and complains about her hands being cold while on the computer. They keep their home rather on the cool side to keep the utility bill down. I'm hoping to get her a cowl knit with the same yarn too.
Today's Random Thoughts

Well that's about all for today . Hopefully I won't be missing so many weeks again. 
Happy Tuesday!


  1. What a post !
    Your father and uncle both look still so good - and that names - fun names indeed, my hubby's name is Wilfried - called Willi-

    we have here in Austria the names Wilhelm and Wilfried
    both are not very attractive names--lol.
    I hope your uncle will buy a new pair of glasses - maybe he has much more time than the doctors give him now.You did a great job to bring them all together!
    Your melons are unbelievable! Have fun with the knitting - I got such fingerless gloves and they do a very good job when I sit on the computer in winter in the evenings.
    Your DIL will love them!

    Great to see you again at TSFT!
    Happy T-Day!
    oxo Susi

  2. So sorry to hear about your uncle Carol. But what a most wonderful celebration to be together despite so much travel. Those names sound like German names to me.
    Those watermelons are amazing-wow!!
    And your knitting is super-love the fingerless gloves! Take care of yourself, and happy T day!

  3. Sorry to hear about your uncle, but great that your Dad is doing better. It was a lovely idea to take the two of them away! Your melons look fantastic. Wow, they are HUGE! Your knitting is looking great, too. Been having lazy time over here! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. that was a great gift to them taking them back to Kentucky. our friend Mr L is names Lilburn and it was first I had ever heard of it-he is in his mid 70s so an older name.
    your watermelons look fantastic-so cool!! enjoy
    Happy T Day Kathy

  5. What a shock :( I'm so sorry for the bad news. I'm glad y'all were able to arrange the trip.

    I don't like watermelon, but I love that flower mug.

  6. Wonderful that you got to plan a special trip for your dad and his twin. Love their twin names. My dad was a lot like Uncle Wilburn when it came to eyeglasses. Those are some watermelons from your garden. The colors of the cowl and fingerless gloves are so pretty. The yarn looks soft, too. Happy T Day

  7. I was so worried about you. I feared the worst, and, although it was really bad, at least it wasn't what I thought it could mean about your father. So glad he is doing better.

    What a wonderful reunion the "boys" had. I was glad you shared the experience with us. It must have made your uncle happy, too.

    Those watermelons are incredible. I have never seen one that large. I probably couldn't even lift one that large! It was great to hear they were sweet, too.

    I have two tiny tomatoes on my single plant, but they aren't getting any bigger. It's been a bad year for my tomato plant. It take it yours fared better than mine. My big boy looks more like a cherry tomato!

    I'm thrilled you are back and I adore those random thoughts. Thanks for sharing the reunion, the watermelons, and the coffee and other drinks with us for T this Tuesday.

  8. Your news is so bittersweet, I'm so glad to hear that your dad is recovering well and so sorry to hear about your uncle. I hope you are doing ok too 😁. You did such a fabulous thing reuniting them and looking after you dad during the journey, I'm sure they really appreciated it. I can't believe you have fifty seven cousins, wow, and I had a little tear in my eye too, how lovely it must have been to see them all! Those watermelons are huge and happen to be my favourite, I bet homegrown taste even better - yum 😁. I love all your knitting and thoughts for the day too! Thinking of you and wishing you happiness this T Day, take care! J 😊

  9. Sorry to read about your uncle, it was good that you could take the family to visit with him. Your dad 's health improving must be a big relief for you.
    Your knitting looks amazing , the fingerless gloves will be so cosy to wear.
    Happy T day wishes,
    Yvonne xx

  10. Oh my, life does take priority. It is wonderful that you were able to see so many relatives in a short time. Take care of yourself!

  11. Sorry to hear about your uncle. But good news about your dad. I think you are an angel taking them both to see the family. I am sure that is one of those things that family appreciate, and what a good thing for your dad. And I must say, that is one giant watermelon. Wow. Happy belated T day. Hugs-Erika

  12. Carol i'm so sorry to hear about your Uncle... so scary to go in for one ailment and find another more serious one.. right up there on the list of things that scare me.. So glad that family could be together.. Well we'll sure be waiting for you with open arms when you have a moment to come visit! Hugs and Happy T day! deb

  13. Carol, sorry about your uncle. My father-in-law was told the same thing in January and given only a few months, but he is still going strong. What a wonderful reunion! And the watermelons, wow, you have great success with them. I never learned to knit, but you certainly have a great talent for it! :-)

  14. Good Morning, Carol. I am happy you were able to take your Dad and Mom on the trip. We have taken CH's Mom on a couple of trips lately and it is fun but quite an ordeal. Your Dad and his brother certainly do look alike. The impromptu reunion sounds like a wonderful gift! The watermelons could have made it to the Fair! I can't really knit a thing but I find just knit and purl very relaxing... a great anxiety buster. Glad you are home and hope you are resting up.