Monday, May 8, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday and Tired!

We'll see if I still have enough functioning brain cells to create a somewhat entertaining post this week.  
I was up and out side working by 7 am today and didn't really stop until 5:30 pm 👀
Then I had to come in and fix super. 
I now have all of the bales placed and half of them are ready to plant in. Which I have started. The others I just started conditioning them today so it will be 13 days before I can plant in them. 
This year I am using a lot more of the straw bales than I usually do because most of the garden is still covered to try and finish killing out the Bermuda Grass 💀
So I have 17 straw bales and then there will be about 7 smaller hand made bales for the sweet potatoes and butternut squash. 
I forgot to take photos today so here are some I took tonight under the full moon.

I still have about 4 flats of flowers to get into the ground too. I thought I would get to it today but that didn't happen. I move slower and slower every year :) 
The above flat is all snap dragons and of course my coffee in my new "YORKIE" cup LOL!
I have a mixed flat of annuals ...

...for out front too and then some Impatiens , Coral Bells and Hosta's for the back. I thought I would get a lot done over the weekend but we spent it doing fun things with his kids instead. Had I known I wouldn't have bought so many plants on Friday 😐
As for the caterpillars it's been a rough week. They contracted a virus and a lot of them were lost 😢
I do have 6 Chrysalis that look healthy so we are keeping our fingers crossed. I still have lot of small caterpillars from a different butterfly so we are hoping these do not carry the virus. I have bleached all equipment and us disposable gloves while cleaning & feeding and change gloves for every cage. Nature is not always kind but it is a learning experience.  
There is also a new batch of  "Cats' outside too. 
Since these guys have eaten all of their dinner I brought them inside 😋
No art at all done this past week it was all about the caterpillars.
Today's Random Thoughts....

Now don't forget to check out the other folks at the party. I'm sure they have well thought out and planned pages 😤


  1. Oh WOW. Your garden is unbelievable. I haven't even started mine yet this year. I won't be growing anything except a few herbs because I simply didn't have the chance to buy anything. Now I suspect everything has been purchased. So, I will live vicariously through your garden and appreciate what you create this year. I hope the straw bales do well and you finally get rid of your Bermuda grass. It's a problem for me, too.

    Those "cats" have eaten all your dill. Glad I haven't planted mine yet. I always have to plant extra so they have something to munch on.

    Thanks for sharing your new Yorkie mug, as well as your wonderful garden with us for T this Tuesday. I like the delusional saying, too. I kind of feel that way tonight.

  2. Sorry to hear that some of your caterpillars died, hope the rest survive. Sound like a marathon job in your garden, hope you are not trying to overdo things again? Love your new Yorkie mug. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. So sorry about the caterpillars but it may mean the others grow really big and strong.

    Love the idea of planting into hay bales.

    Nice shape to your mug and lovely doggie design

    Happy T Day

    Chrissie xxx

  4. It always seems its natures way to me when we loose things we have nurtured , like your caterpillars. I hope the rest do well.
    Super photos of your garden and it was a lovely mug you used today for your drink.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  5. That is a lot of work, Carol! We just planted some dahlias with hopes that the squirrels and deer would leave them alone... so far so good. I planted two Kimberly Queen ferns in the front of the house and some lavender. CH planted green beans, peas and tomatoes. Oh and I planted some heliotrope.
    So sad about the caterpillars but you have done so much to help the butterflies! Beautiful here yesterday and suppose to be nice today then two days of rain and a promise of a pretty weekend. It would be nice to have a pretty Mother's Day and we have a graduation to go to on Saturday... fingers crossed for nice weather. Thanks for sharing you pictures!

  6. Your garden is going to look so amazing, as always! I have some snapdragons this year too, they remind me of my childhood and are so bright and cheery! Your new Yorkie is mug is lovely - Happy T Day! J 😀

  7. Wow-talk about being connected to the earth! SO much for you to do but I know you also enjoy it-mostly:) Too bad about the caterpillars...
    Only bought a few hanging baskets so far as we have now gotten a few very cold mornings with a frost warning last night.Remember to care for yourself too and take some nice long hot showers or baths to soothe the aching bones. Happy T day!

  8. I've never seen planting in bales and am curious to see how this proceeds. My gosh, you must be strong and in good shape to haul all those bales into place! I sure know what you mean about moving slower each year though - lol.

    Sorry to hear about the caterpillars. You had mentioned that they're subject to virus in an earlier post. What a shame.

    "No art ... it was all about the caterpillars" made me smile. Don't know why - maybe it's the dichotomy of art and caterpillars in the same sentence. "Let's see, what shall I do today? Art or caterpillars?"

    Happy T-Day, Carol! Hugs, Eileen

  9. I've never tried straw bale gardening, but it does look interesting! I use hay/straw mulch in the garden and love the way it chokes out the weeds plus builds the soil, too. You've been so very busy!

  10. Oh Carol i'am so sorry to hear about your caterpillars... you were off to the races with them with a good start.... Hubby is curious about how you garden in straw bales.. he's never heard of it.. Happy happy T day Carol!!!! Hugs! deb

  11. I'm sorry to hear about the caterpillars. I assume those were the monarchs. I hope the crysalis are okay.
    Boy, you have worked hard. I have not heard of planting in hay bales, so keep us informed of what you do. It sounds interesting, (but hard work no doubt).
    I love your philosophical random thoughts.
    Happy T-Day,

  12. wow those straw bales always seem like soooo much work to me but in the end I know you will get a big harvest. I am so behind I just now planted veggie seeds in the bottles-I was hoping to do that end of april but too much drama going on here now.
    Happy T Day

  13. Oh My! You really have been busy! It will look so good when it is done, just take care to have some rest! Sorry about the caterpillars! BTW I am also at that delusional age!!! Happy T Day , Chrisx

  14. I am impressed with your gardening skills, even though you say it takes you longer every year. Since you love it, it's worth it, right?! I love snapdragons, and in our area they sell out very quickly... they are just delightful, and we've even had them winter over! and I really enjoy your Random Thought fun! happy T day!

  15. I love the garden pics. The bales are fun for me to see, as I never gardened that way. Interesting, and they make an attractive setting. I don't have any of the same plants you name here, and it's fascinating for me to see what other folks do with their space :)

    Poor caterpillars :( But you do live and learn I know, and I trust you won't see that virus with the next ones.

    Happy late T Day