Tuesday, February 28, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday FRIENDS!
Running late again this week. I just can't seem to stay on schedule. Mainly because I try and do too much in one day or week and then I also get caught up in my art. Or just surfing the web... a intense  addiction I have.
This week it was mostly the art. 
The class I'm taking with
is totally addicting for me.  
Here is the painting I have been working on the past 2 days. Finished yesterday and believe me not a lot of anything else got done. 
The same painting with my ever present cup of coffee... :) 
.... and here it is before I started blocking in the figure. 

 I must say that of all of the classes I have taken this one is the most enjoyable one for me. It's like it was just made for me :) 
We are expecting really bad storms this afternoon and evening so I don't know that I'll get to everyone today. I have to leave for work in a few minutes and hope I'm back home before they hit here. 
Daffodils are starting to bloom in the garden :) 
The garden is coming a live!!! 
Building a new raised bed using old tree branches that are well on their way to being rotted already. Pictures later cause I can't find the ones I took :( 
Today's Random Thoughts


  1. Good morning, we are bracing for those storms too-and wow it is super windy here already too as I did my 3 mile walk early this morning. so glad Larry did not take the boat out on the lady today as this was not suppose to hit til later.
    I love your painting and am happy for you that you found the art class-that really makes the difference sometimes with just the right teacher-my spinning teacher really helped me last summer.
    Happy T day

  2. Love the cage of asparagus, I'm singing already. LOVE your new painting, it's beautiful! Stay safe if the weather is bad, and take good care of yourself. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. I'm loving seeing the daffodils! I have to go to the park to see any here, so I appreciate having them show up in the Tuesday posts :) Thx!

    Happy T Tuesday

  4. What a gorgeous painting.....I absolutely LOVE everything about it. Went to the link to check her out, hope I can take one of her classes too.
    Happy T-day

  5. Your painting is gorgeous, I love the technique you used, thanks for showing how you created it - amazing! This page looks so magical with all the lovely detail you have vreated and your lady looks very regal - beautiful! So pleased you've found a class that you enjoy and inspires such beauty. Happy T Day! J :-)

  6. fabulous painting Carol!! I can see and sense your excitement for this class. No daffodils here yet but the snowdrops are up and I am seeing green buds on my lilac bushes and forsythia:) Happy T day!

  7. Fantastic painting, Carol. Yes, you need to do more like this! The universe is calling ... or should I say Humanity is calling? [I always enjoy your edifying, thought-provoking random quotes.]

    Drive carefully. Maybe they'll let everyone go early to get home safe.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  8. Your painting looks gorgeous, you can see by the result that you enjoyed painting her. loved seeing the daffodils in the garden.
    Stay safe .
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  9. I love your painting! I think you have definitely found your style! Hope the storm didn't cause too much damage! Love the quotes - although I am a bit slow and had to read the top one 3 times before I 'got' it! Happy T Day, Chrisx

  10. I hope you don't get those storm tonight. I love seeing the daffodils blooming and your artwork is really great. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  11. Just love the painting Carol! Fabulous!! We are expecting the same storms here (NW Arkansas) i hope the worst of it goes by but we need any and all rain.. Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

    1. Thanks for stopping by Deb!!! The first wave of the storms split and went around us but the 1 am one hit us full force waking me up to a light and sound show ♥

  12. I feel horrible that it has taken me so long to visit. I'm not a very good host this week. My sincere apologies.

    Your face is out of this world. I can tell the painting seems to respond to your art. I am glad you found an online class you like, too.

    It has turned cold here, with March coming in like a lion, I fear.

    Thanks for sharing your incredible lady, you colorful coffee mug and coffee with us for T this Tuesday, Yes, it's till Tuesday here.

  13. Keeping up is a constant challenge isn't AND you do so much Carol!
    Your painting is WOWEE fabulous and how cool to see how it started. Brilliant results...I wouldn't want to stop either!
    Hope you were spared from any storm damage.
    We welcomed some much needed rainfall finally here in VA.
    It doesn't know if it wants to be cool or warm around here.
    Your meme shares at the end of your posts always speak to me.
    Thank you for sharing and Happy March oxo

  14. Your painting is beautiful and colorful! She has beautiful eyes.
    We got hit pretty hard last night... BIG wind and hail. No damage here this morning that we can see. Hope all is well at your place!
    At least we got a half inch of rain which is more than we have gotten since August which has pretty much been nothing. Good Morning... I love how it smells outside after a night time storm!

  15. Wow! Your painting is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time! Well done! Thank you for sharing the process too.
    I hope your garden (and you of course) are OK after the storm.
    I always like your 'pause for thoughts' at the end.
    Happy (belated) T-Day,

  16. Your painting is so beautiful! I LOVE it!

  17. Love your painting. Mesmerizing!Love your daffodils. So beautiful!Your quotes are always amazing! Happy belated T Day!