Tuesday, November 8, 2016


It's Tuesday! 
A meaningful and stressful Tuesday here. Never have I felt as conflicted over an election nor as frustrated  over the lack of a decent candidate. I'm at a loss as to what is the right thing to do. I fear one much more than the other but if I vote for the one I fear less I'm also betraying myself and settling. The alternative parties do not offer anyone that is up to the job or has a chance of winning. 
This morning I decided to work on a Mandala .. .. whenever I'm conflicted and at a loss my art will help to calm me. 
At 4:30 am the coffee is a necessity !!
I didn't have a clue as to what the pattern would turn into...I just started drawing and then coloring. 
All along I said I was going to vote for the Green party. Not that I thought the candidate would be a good president but the PARTY stood for things I believed in and that if they ever got enough votes they would at least have a chance at recognition on monetary support in the future. 
As things have  gone along in this most terrible of all campaigns I decided that I really had to vote for a mainstream candidate... settle for the lesser of two evils and then pray like I have never prayed before that whoever wins will be guided by forces that override them in what they stand for and do.  It's the only chance we have as a nation . Neither candidate deserves to be our leader but one of them will be and we will have to live with it. 
So here is my finished Mandala. 

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  1. You are so right, this election campaign has been awful, and I hope it will never be like this again. Your mandala is beautiful, let's hope that light and peace will prevail for America and the world. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh yes, I have been feeling the conflict and your same thoughts Carol. Your mandala is really beautiful . And if only everyone had the same attitude about peace and praying for the highest good for our nation when the new president begins. Happy T day!

  3. My thoughts are similar to yours, Carol. I was not about to vote for either mainstream candidate, but stayed with the party I've been associated with since I first started voting: Gary Johnson. I know he doesn't stand a chance of winning, but my vote won't count anyway if I went mainstream, regardless of my choice of red or blue. KS is a truly red state because they haven't voted for a democratic president since 1964.

    Love your wonderful Mandala. It ended up looking great when finished. Thanks for sharing it and your coffee with us for T this Tuesday. I hope you voted!

  4. I have been conflicted too but for me and looking at what the media promotes or what the ads lie about the bottom line: one side is too corrupt and leans towards a socialist society which I am opposed to and the other side well bottom line for me-stands for freedoms, our constitution as written and loves America that person can be guided on on how to properly act a little more "politically correct" which do we really need in the end? we need honesty and art always solves everything-hugs

  5. The finished mandala is fantastic, creating art does help us forget the outside goings on in the world. I think our country, like many others is waiting to hear your election results.
    Happy T day

  6. I think this election has everyone interested - a lot has been shown here in the UK! I think your mandala looks great - hope you are feeling calm now! Chrisx

  7. I think this election has everyone interested - a lot has been shown here in the UK! I think your mandala looks great - hope you are feeling calm now! Chrisx

  8. Carol, I totally agree. This election has been a nightmare for me as well. I also pray that whoever wins is guided by forces of good. I love the mandala!

  9. Keep your beautiful Mandala on your desk and continue to pray... actually i´m afraid of the future (at this Point trump seems to be the winner - a nightmare for us in europe)
    happy belated t-day!

  10. Happy bealted T-Day Carol!
    Shocked here hearing the news this morning .
    oxo Susi

  11. Cool mandala Carol. Hope all is well. And happy T day- a little late.

  12. Love your finished mandala, the colours are so beautiful and I'm sending a prayer for light and peace too! Happy T Day this Wednesday! J :-)

  13. I supported Sanders, but I have actively supported Clinton, believing her to be capable and qualified and well-suited for the office. This new situation bears close watching. I can't believe he'll even _try_ to do what he promised, but I fear for our social safety net if he lowers taxes on the wealthy while increasing the age for ss/medicare benefits. I just finished watching Clinton's and Obama's speeches, though, and I'm hopeful and proud that they seem to be hopeful in the face of this campaign result. We'll see :( Happy T , um... Wednesday? ;)

  14. A Beautiful mandala, and a great way to ease the frustration of dealing with political candidates that you really don't like! I am praying too, and hoping that our system of Checks and Balances will prevent anything really tragic!! happy T day a bit late dear!

  15. Election day has been and gone and I share your doubts and frustrations. But like him or hate him, he will nowbe president and I just pray he doesn't do anything really stupid...
    Lovely mandala. I can understand it gives you peace to create it.
    Belated happy T-Day,