Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Creative Wednesday with Kathy

I'm Late... I'm Late 
Organization has never been my strong point and seems to be more of a problem the older I get :(  So we'll make this short and sweet... sort of :) 
This week I'm showing another crochet project that I just completed. It was going to be a gift but after making it according to the directions it's a bit large for the person I intended it for. So the prototype is mine and I'll make another one for the gift with size adjustments. 

It's a cowl and hood combined and the yarn is a variegated greens and black which doesn't show in the photo. The hood part is very over sized and will just swallow the person I made it for . I think I'll enjoy it on those early morning walks when the weather gets cold.   I have already started on a vest for someone else so the remake will be after I get that finished. Which shouldn't take too long.... if I stay out of the yard. LOL! Gardening is my first passion and with the warm weather hanging on I've been planting Spring bulbs like crazy. 
So I'm linking this to 
Kathy's Creative Wednesdays 
 Creative Wednesdays
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  1. thanks soooo much Carol and you are not late at all-that does look really warm-my Mom when she was alive loved to knit and she made a piece similar to this and loved it in the winter time--I love handcrafted gifts-they are just the best--good for you and gardening-I seem to be allergic to the outdoors this season-so have had to stay indoors

  2. The knitted hood is fantastic, that will be wonderful when the cold winds blow! Hugs, Valerie

  3. It looks great! And of course as others have said it will be warm!!! If the weather doesn't get the message you may not need it this year. Crazy weather we are having!