Tuesday, November 22, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday and so much more .....

Hello again my Tuesday FRIENDS :) 
It's been a good week and a busy one.  Lots of cold nights and brisk mornings which has pretty much ended anything growing outside. Except the Parsley ..it looks all frosted and crispy in the early morning light but then  springs back to life with just a little bit of sunlight to thaw it out. 
We have racked leaves and piled two huge chicken wire  bins full and the trees still have leaves on them.

The goal for the two water heaters (laying behind the shed ) is to make them into Mosaic columns   to place at the edge of the woods as an entrance to the shade garden. Hubby says if I don't get it done this Spring they are going to the dump :( 

We haven't even touched the back half of the property yet :/
 I'll be using all of these leaves to make my own bales for growing sweet potatoes in next summer and mulching beds.   
We have had some beautiful sunrises this past week. Here are a few of my favorite ones...

Okay, so maybe that was more than a few but when nature is so beautiful it's hard to pick just a few. This morning the sky is totally grey so it's not looking like and sunrise photos are in the works. OOPS! I was wrong there was a decent sunrise but I'll save those photos for next week . 
I had to stop and take Mini for her morning walk ....she can be insistent at times :) 
With Thanksgiving coming up I decided last week to try one of the monster sweet potatoes that I grew this year. Wanted to see if they were going to be too woody and stringy. 
That knife is huge so you get an idea of big this guy was....
I had a new recipe I wanted to try out before I served the masses this week .
 This one sweet potato filled two large baking dishes .. and the recipe was very yummy and the sweet potato tender and oh so sweet ♥
 The bird is all ready to pop in the oven for Thursday big meal and then we head for Illinois for another even bigger meal on Saturday. The next few days are going to be crazy busy!!!! 
So I had better get off of here and start some cleaning and make a hopefully last trip to the grocery store. 
Today's Random Thoughts

...and in 9 weeks I start planting seeds ♥
Now head on out to 


  1. wow Carol-that is some big sweet potato!! I wonder if I can get my neighbor to add some to the garden next year...
    I love sweet potatoes and now have hubby eating them too:) Your meal looks delicious and those sunrises are gorgeous!
    LOVE the positive thinking sign:) Happy T day and happy Thanksgiving too!

  2. I LOVE that sweet potato, and the fries look delicious! I am wondering what will happen to those old heaters - who will win? You always have a lot to do in your garden and great results. The sunrise/set photos are beautiful, you know how I love them! Have a good week and a happy Thanksgiving, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. How wonderful that you have collected your leaves. I hope they turn to mulch soon. I look forward to seeing you actually creating mosaic columns from these water heaters.

    That 's a huge sweet potato. Glad it was sweet, because sometimes they are not. Thanks for sharing it and your garden updates with us for T this Tuesday.

  4. You have had a busy week and it sounds like you are going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I love sweet potatoes and I can't believe that one potato filled both of those baking dishes - amazing! Your meal looks delicious too. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and an enjoyable Y Day! Jo x

  5. That's a lot of leaves! Your plan for the entry to the shade garden sounds intriguing. I hope you'll post photos once you've done that. It never would've occurred to me. Those sweet potatoes look good, and it's one of my hubby's favorites. I should try cooking them that way sometime. It'd make a nice change. Happy T Tuesday!

  6. You have been sobusy and the sweet potatoe recipe looks wonderful

    Hope you enjoyed T day

    Love,Chrissie xx

  7. That looks a huge potato, your meal looked delicious. Enjoy your Thanksgiving celebrations.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne x

  8. Beautiful sunrise photos! (I never see the sunrise as I don't get up that early)
    That sweet potato is huge indeed. You can feed the 5000 with that. The baked end result looks very appetising indeed.
    I love your choice of quotes, as always. Thank you for sharing them.
    Happy T-Day,

  9. I finished my raking just in time for it to get COLD and even a bit snowy. Nice to see someplace it still looks like fall. Sounds like you've been busy and have some more fun and busy times with the holiday ahead. Hope its a happy Thanksgiving and was a good T day. Hugs-Erika

  10. We are done sucking up the leaves with the super sucker! I love your sunrise pictures. Carol, may you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  11. Loved the photos of the sunrises in your 'neighborhood.' And what a mammoth sweet potato! Looks heavenly all baked up and ready to eat...your probably won't see this comment until after Thanksgiving because of the holiday rush, but I do hope you have a blessed day with your family! Happy Thanksgiving! ♥

  12. I used to grow sweet potatoes too and they were huge too. I love sweet potatoes! I find a privilege to grow our own food. Love your photos and the quotes. Your post is inspiring, my friend!happy belated t-day!