Wednesday, October 12, 2016


It has been an insanely busy week here! Getting the garden all cleared out and ready for winter has been a triple the work year here. Thanks to an infestation of Bermuda Grass that came with a load  of top soil we purchased a couple of years ago. GRRRRRRR!  That stuff has spread everywhere :(  Now I'm at the stage of covering the whole area with layers of cardboard and then sheets of black plastic. Then it will set for a whole year if not longer.
I did get my wreath reworked for the fall. I still want to add some feathers and pine cones to it as soon as I remember where I have them stashed. 

Our front door faces South East and takes a beating with the summer sun. It was only 2 years ago that we repainted it and it's peeling again. Soon we will be looking for a completely different door to see if it will hold up better. 
Here's Mini Me and her best bud Shadow playing tug of war. Bet you can figure out who wins every time :) 

Today's Random THOUGHT...
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  1. Good morning, love your fall wreath-I bought some compost from a friend here-lots of it-a couple years and he must not have gotten his compost hot enough cause I have been fighting really bad weeds from it-weeds we never had before so I can relate to the work-I keep forgetting about that cardboard and then plastic I think I will do that this fall I have sooo much work to catch up on too your dogs are get along so well-thanks for joining in

  2. Your garden is a lot of work, but you do keep it beautifully. Love how your new little companion has made herself at home! Have a lovely day, hugs, Valerie

  3. Carol, I love the wreath! And I hear you on weeds, we've been fighting an infestation of 'creeping charlie' for over a decade, we've tried smothering it with black plastic, digging it out, burning it with a weed torch and finally, herbicides. So far, nothing has worked. So frustrating!

  4. I like the new look of your wreath. It's perfect and feels like autumn.

    I also have bermuda grass everywhere and it refuses to leave, even though I've used heavy, commercial black plastic and cardboard. Nothing works, and that is why I've used pots to grow my herbs in. I can feel for you. I only wish I had a different spot I could use while my little designated area sat for a year or two. At least I don't seem to have as much garden as you, so I don't have as much to put to bed each winter/autumn.

  5. Lovely wreath!
    Good Morning... it's COLD out there. We may have to turn on the heat!