Tuesday, September 27, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday and the last Butterfly

Hello again Tuesday FRIENDS ♥
It's been another busy week here. The last two butterflies have hatched and flown away.
Here is one at the feeder after the wings have dried. If you click on the photo you should be able to see a video. 
 Monarch at feeder

Then here he is as I released him in the back yard. Click on the photo for the video..
 Monarch Release

Here's one last little video that shows how I know they are ready to let go....on the photo I've drawn circles around the small dots on the lower wings that tell you it's a male. the females don't have dots. This year all of the butterflies I hatched were males. 
 Ready to fly
I forgot to take any new photos for the related drink of the week so I'm re-sharing an old one....
The weather has cooled off big time here so this week I will be cleaning up the veggie garden and putting it to rest for the winter. the only thing really still growing out there is the sweet potatoes and a couple of winter squash. Both of those will be harvested and then everything cleared off. I'm always sad to see it all barren but I'm also a bit tired of dealing with it all too. Must be my age catching up with me :) 
Today's Random Thought

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 T For Tues


  1. Your butterflies are wonderful! Hapy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Thank you for all you do to help the monarchs! I saw a monarch on our patio this summer, and it's the first I've seen in years. Happy T Tuesday

  3. As always, I'm super impressed with your lovely monarchs and how you have helped bring them into the world. We need more people like you to make sure the species survives.

    No problem resharing your drink. I love to recycle, myself. Thanks for sharing these lovely monarchs and your drink with us for T this Tuesday. Yep, I'm late, too!

  4. I didn't know you could identify male and female butterflies that way. Glad to have learned that. :) We've been finishing up gardens and putting them to bed for the winter too. It's a great time of year.

  5. So cool that you got those butterflies outside and on their way!

  6. I haven't seen a monarch in years, but when I see the next one I'll be checking to see if it is a him or a her.

    After harvest time everything looks so bare. Our weather is so kookie right now I have bushes still blooming and dropping their leaves at the same time.

    Glad you dropped by for T-day....thanks for the comment.

  7. How beautiful! It must be so amazing to watch them grow and develop, then release them :-). Great videos, thanks for sharing! Have fun havesting and clearing your veg patch, you deserve a well earned rest after all your summer gardening! Wishing you a Happy T Day Wednesday! J :-)

  8. cool Videos! i´ve never seen a Monarch in Person, i was surprised about it´s size on the Hand. so beautiful!
    have a great week, carol!

  9. Really enjoyed seeing the butterflies. Didn't know how to tell males/females apart so that's a nice piece of info to tuck away.

  10. Oh Carol! So sorry to arrive so late for T! I love your videos of the beautiful butterflies. No wonder it is called a Monarch - it's huge! Hugs, Chrisx

  11. Well done and most interesting. Our monarch here in Minnesota showed somewhat of a comeback this summer after a long decline...:)