Monday, August 22, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello friends :) 
Just a short post this week . 
My drink is still coffee as that low energy thing is still going on. I'm beginning to think it may be allergies creeping up on me. :( 
The art in the background is the piece I finished for my Children of the Wild class. It was good to get deeply involved with the art project and forget about my woes for a bit. 
I also managed to get some of the pickles done.
Some things got frozen and somethings got eaten and then somethings got given away . 
Just didn't have the energy to process it all. 
While setting at my desk one day I noticed a Monarch butterfly flitting about the milkweed plants so I went out to check for eggs. 
I found 23 little eggs and one tiny little micro mini caterpillar :) 
The caterpillar was so tiny it was still almost transparent with just his black head for coloring. 
Now today he has started to show colors and a couple of the eggs I brought in are showing signs of hatching soon. 

In the wild only 10% of eggs mature to the hatching stage. Usually they are eaten by predators...ants and wasps being the biggest threat.  When brought inside they usually have a 40% chance of making sometimes more. I could probably find more but I want to see how many of these hatch first as I'll have to feed them milkweed leaves for approximately 2 weeks so I don't want to be feed too many at once and run out of leaves on my milkweed. 
So my Monarch Season is off to a great start :)
Today's Random Thought

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 T Stands for Tuesday


  1. Absolutely LOVE the art. That face is beautiful. So good to see it completed, too.

    Lots of canning from the garden. I haven't done that in years. I give it all away before it gets eaten here. You DO realize how much energy that takes, though.

    How awesome about the monarchs and the eggs. I remember you doing that last year, too, so good luck with them living.

    Thanks for sharing your art, your garden, your canned pickles, and your coffee with us for T this nearly Tuesday.

  2. Firstly, I love the cup you showed at the end - I want one! Glad you are able to help the monarch butterflies again, have fun saving those little beauties. Have a good week, love the finished art, and try to take it easy. Those pickles look great! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. Your finished art page is fantastic, love it.
    It was good to read about how you are helping to save the Monarch butterflies, it must be so interesting to see how hatch and grow.
    Loved the look of your canning as well.
    Happy Tuesday.
    Yvonne xx

  4. had to click for a closer look-your art piece is stunning Carol!! Canning is a lot of work but your efforts look so delicious and will be most welcome long after the season has gone. I love what you are doing for the monarchs-good luck. Fun random thoughts! Happy T day!

  5. How fun about the Monarchs, Carol! Your art for Children of the Wild is so interesting... love the shape of the face and hair. I bet those pickles are awesome!

  6. Beautiful art piece. I feel your pain with the allergies...I've been sneezing like crazy for about a week. I keep trying to eat the cucumbers we've been given so I don't have to do pickles. :) I don't have a good tried and true recipe so it's a lots of work for something that we may or may not like.
    Being a monarch mom sounds like a lot of work but definitely work the effort.

  7. You are so lucky to have the monarchs! They are just so beautiful. Kudos to you for recognizing the eggs and helping to save them.

  8. Still giggling over eating paste as a must have eaten it all the time dear Carol!
    Love your "wild" child painting.
    How exciting about your Monarch.
    I must share my little black swallowtail story next T day.
    Your info was so interesting.
    May I say from here it looks like you do A LOT!
    The hot weather takes the starch out of me.
    We are enjoying some lower humidity days this week and it is yummy!
    Happy T Day to ya oxo

  9. Cool butterfly eggs. I didn't realize you could hatch them inside. I have a few milkweeds in the field next to my house and I am going to look for eggs, even though I have yet to see a Monarch adult. And I think you have no energy because you are sure busy. I have also made some pickles, but the hubby prefers the freezer variety so I've gone that route this year. No jars to sterilize and all that. Loving the wild child. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  10. I haven't seen a monarch here in years, but I do see Viceroys. I had some swallowtails hatch out on a plant on my patio this year, and your post makes me wonder how many eggs didn't make it all the way.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  11. Lots of produce and no energy to do much with it. I know the feeling. We are giving away grapes at the moment.
    How interesting that you try to hatch Monarchs. Please keep us updated on that. So what do adult butterflies eat?
    I love your wild child journal page (or is it a painting?)
    And that mug really struck a chord. I do feel like that sometimes. I'm glad I'm not the only one...
    Happy T-Day and a good week ahead,

  12. Looks like you've been busy :-). Beautiful art work, I love the black and white image on the colourful textured background! The pickles look great too. I've never heard of hatching caterpillars before, hope the Monarchs do well :-). Wishing you happiness and a lovely T Day! J :-)

  13. Oh how great to find those eggs! Look forward to seeing them sometime soon! I love your art too! Well done for the pickling - haven't done any for years but do remember how much time it took! Love that mug!! Hugs, Chrisx