Monday, July 4, 2016


It's T for Tuesday at the 
House of Cats :) 
There won't be a lot of words this week. We've been gone for a 3 day weekend with family and I'm to tired to try and put too many sentences together. 
My dad is a twin and they have always looked so much alike that usually only family could tell them apart. Until Alzheimer's came to live with my Uncle Wilburn.  They still look like brothers but not the doubles they always were :(  
My uncle has been staying with my parents for the past 3 weeks. My dad cherished the visit though it also saddened him and worn him out. He knew most of us still but he struggles with day to day stuff  and is lost a lot. It's such a horrible disease that stills them and their families. 
Now for the House of Cats business. 
 I know I've mentioned before that we are animal people and we own 3 cats and a dog and have inherited a Bearded Dragon when the youngest moved out and left him. 
So here are some of my favorite cat photos of recent past. 
 This is Ella the 18 pounds dominant male/Queen of the  three. When we got him and his brother Jazz as 8 week old kittens in 2010 they told us he was a female. So the name Ella.  A few weeks later while playing with him and rolling him over to rub his belly I realized they were mistaken  :) 
 This is Jazz who you've met before. He thinks he is a dog :) 
The other cat we have is Littleman our Bengal Leopard Cat.
He's my cat... and he know it's or perhaps it's I'm his human. 
They all get along now although it took Ella a bit to adjust to Littleman joining the family . 
Here they all are trying to decide who is going to eat out of what food dish. 

This is their universal message of 
They all have cuddle times together and with me. 

...and of course Jazz gets extra time with his buddy the dog... 
Then just random cat photos ....

I tried to get a photo of one of the cats with my tea....wasn't happening . So we'll do it this way :) 

Today's Random Thought
 T Stands for Tuesday


  1. Great post! Love your cats, what a gorgeous trio you have, and the dog. Sorry to hear about your uncle, Alzheimers is really an awful thing, and very hard for those who suffer and their families. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. your pets are awesome! enjoy cuddling with them - my cat is not a snuggler, which i regret. - this alzheimer is such a dreadful disease. so sorry you have to deal with it in your Family.
    hope you have a good week and happy t-day!

  3. Your cats and the dog are so nice Carol! I am sorry about your Uncle♥
    Happy T-Day!
    oxo Susi

  4. Sorry about your uncles Alzheimer's. Dealing with my mom and dementia, maybe Alzheimer's and it is hard. Love the pets too. I had 2 cats but in the last few years I lost them and I miss having cats terriblely. Now it's just the 2 dogs. Get some rest. Happy t day too. Hugs erika

  5. Oh your kitty cats are beautiful and so is your dog. He must have a good temperament too.
    Sorry about your uncle. It certainly is a cruel disease and extremely hard on families. That is a precious photo of him and your dad.
    Happy T Day dear Carol and Happy July.
    Rest up and hooray on your rain.

  6. Your 4 legged friends look very happy. I suspect you of spoiling them. I think the picture of your Dad and uncle is one you will treasure. Nice to hear they had time together. It is sad that your uncle has such a horrid disease but nice that family is there for him.

  7. Quite a menagerie! It makes such a difference when the animals can get along :) Happy T Tuesday!

  8. What lovely , healthy looking cats you have! They are just beautiful and look so well taken care of and loved. I'm so glad you shared all those pictures... I'm so sorry to hear about your Uncle..... I have not had that disease in my family but i have heard how devastating it is. I wish well. So glad your Dad and his brother had that time together.....Happy Tday my friend... Hugs! deb

  9. Your cats and dog seem to all get on so well in harmony, loved seeing the photos. Alzheimer's is such a dreadful disease, I took care of an aunt with it and for her own safety she had to go into a care home.
    Its not easy to live with loved ones but I think they know we care.
    happy Tuesday.
    Yvonne xx

  10. So sorry to hear of your uncle's disease. Your cats and dog are beautiful, they look so happy. You've taken great care of them! Give them a pat from me. :-)

  11. Sorry about your uncle - Altzeimers is terrible for those around! I love seeing your photos - especially of your gorgeous cats! Hugs, Chrisx

  12. Your cats are beautiful... fun to see pictures of them. So sorry about your Uncle. My Aunt Margaret had Alzheimer's and it broke my heart to watch. She became aggressive and had to go into an extended care facility. She been gone a long time now but I miss her and my Mom more than I could have ever imagined. It is wonderful your Dad and his brother were able to spend some time together.

  13. It's so nice that you got some family time with your dad and his brother, even under such difficult circumstances, I agree with you it's such a horrible disease that stills them and their families. I love your photos and the fact that your cats and dog live in such sweet harmony! Wishing you a happy week :-)

  14. I remember my grandmother telling me she didn't want to lose her mind. She thought that would be the worst thing that could happen to her. Although they didn't call it Alzheimer's back then, I am sure someone in her family must have suffered the same fate as your Uncle Wilburn. I feel for you and your family because of this illness that destroys both brain cells and family ties.

    I'm a cat person, so I fell in love with your cat photos. They are fabulous.

    Thanks for all the visits you paid me while I was offline. And thanks for sharing T with me this week, too. I'm truly grateful.