Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Hello Tuesday Friends!!! 
This will be quick as I have to work today and my whole week is a different schedule than normal and it has me rushing to my normal routines finished on time. I'm normally off on Mon. & Tues. and I had to work both of those days this week :( 
You know Spring is really here when the Bleeding Hearts start to bloom :) and my first Iris has made an appearance.
My garden helper came over on Sunday and he got what mulch I had purchased  laid down.
I need to pick up some more so he can finish this bed and start on another. This one has already taken 15 bags. 

Some underground critter has discover the tulip bulbs and thinks it's a smorgasbord just for it's taking. I leave for work and they are healthy and I get home four hours later and they are laying on the ground. 
I have a growing arrangement of tulips in the kitchen. 
When I plant in the fall I'll have to plant them in wire cages :(  which will be a pain in the butt. 
Here's my beverage of the day along with my current Work In Progress art.
Today's random thought.
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  1. Hope your work day goes well...so sad about the tulips! Will they survive? Love your work in progress painting! Happy T Day!

  2. Hope your work day goes well...so sad about the tulips! Will they survive? Love your work in progress painting! Happy T Day!

  3. Had to laugh at your cup. Some days I feel like Maude and agree I was old last year! Love the painting. It's a great mixed media piece.

    Too bad about the tulips. Mine are all gone and the irises are on their last legs now that the rains beat them down. Glad I got a few of mine, but I never got any tulips. Yours are incredible.

    15 bags of mulch? I have three compost containers I use to add to my soil, but I don't have the land you have.

    Thanks for sharing your art, your flowers, your garden, and that mug that put a smile on my face for T this Tuesday.

  4. What naughty critter is eating your bulbs? Sorry you have to rush so much, work does sometimes get in the way of life....Enjoy your garden and the lovely flowers, Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  5. It is amazing just how many bags of mulch you can go thru! Too bad about the tulips-I wonder if it's a vole? Hope your work days are good ones. Happy T day!

  6. What a shame about the tulips. :( I look forward to seeing how your flower beds turn out. Happy T Tuesday!

  7. I have never grown tulips -such a shame about yours! We have to buy rabbit proof plants for our caravan garden as we were losing so many! Hugs, Chrisx

  8. The tulips are gorgeous. Your new art looks interesting. Hope to see the completed project.
    Happy T day

  9. I love bleeding hearts, do you have yours in a pot? Pretty flowers!

  10. Love your flowers. I can't wait for mine to bloom. Here in new Hampshire we are just starting to get into flower blooming time. Hope its a great week. And Happy T day. :)

  11. Bleeding hearts remind me of my mom and home. She always had HUGE plants along a small retaining wall in the front yard and along the walk up to our cabin. I really should buy myself one to plant in the yard. thanks for the inspiration!
    Happy T day...really late!