Tuesday, April 12, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

Well here I finally am.... much later than planned thanks to crappy internet service! 
Our one and only option for DSL and it 
Now down to business :) 
Let's get the drink out of the way right away...cause you know I'll forget if I don't.
Today I'm being bad! I'm having a soda :/
A sugar laden syrupy sweet can of destruction that I just couldn't resist. 
Back when I drank soda all of the time Cream Soda was my favorite and the brand was A&W.  Still my favorite tasting but they now put caffeine in it and the Hubs can't have caffeine in the evening or he doesn't sleep. So the generic brand it is. 
As you can see by the lack of progress I haven't been doing much art since last week. 
Mostly I've been reading and wishing it were warmer. 
 We had two hard freezes on Sunday and Monday nights and we lost some of the Apple blossoms. Which is actually fine. I won't have to knock off so many apples this year so that the remaining ones grow bigger and sweeter for the darn squirrels :(  
The Lilacs are blooming! The bush was infested with those Japanese Beatles a couple of years ago and I thought we were going to lose it. It seems to be coming out of it now :) 

 My dad gave me a small start off of his bush when we bought the place in 2002.  It was only about a foot and a half tall then. 

The bees are loving the apple trees ♥

This little sparrow was singing so loudly I could here him inside with the windows and doors shut. His song was beautiful and I wish I had thought to record it. Don't know if he was just happy or trying to attract a mate :) 
This is the birdhouse that was such a point of conflict last week between the Bluebirds and the Junco's. The Bluebirds must have won because I haven't seen the Junco's at all in 3 days. Maybe they decided to go ahead and fly North like they were supposed to . 
Here's a Sunset photo looking through the woods out back. When the trees all leaf out I will not be able to see the sunset :( 
Or the neighbor behind me trashy yard :) 
Today's Random Thoughts 

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T stands for Tuesday


  1. I LOVE the photos, especially the lilacs and your lovely sparrows. I remember cream soda from my time in England, I used to like it, but I have never seen it here - oh well, water is healthier! Your fowl gathering is coming along nicely! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Fabulous photos! I don't know cream soda...
    Great quotes as well!
    Happy T-Day Carol!
    oxo Susi

  3. Not a bad thing to have a special treat like the cream soda once in awhile. Pretty spring happenings by you despite the cold! My lilac bushes are just starting to bud as is my flowering crab apple tree. And yes, the birds are singing away:) Just put out my hummingbird feeder as I read there have been a few sitings not far from me. Looking to seeing your completed birds painting! Happy T day!

  4. I have never seen that cream soda. In fact, I haven't seen cream soda since I was a young girl. And of course, it was A & W.

    The photos of the bird are wonderful. It's sad the bluebirds have gotten rid of the Junco sparrows, so let's hope they are migrating and not hiding.

    Your bird painting is coming along, and I know you will work on it when the spirit moves you. I'm just impressed that you are even moving at all!

    Thanks for sharing the cream soda which brought back childhood memories, along with your bird and art photos with us for T this Tuesday. And I LOVE your "Beautiful things" thought.

  5. Beautiful blooms! Happy T for Tuesday! I used to love cream soda, can't drink anything like that now!
    Cazzy x

  6. Carol ~ beautiful nature photography, wonderful quote and creative collage ~ Thanks for visiting ~ Hope Spring will come soon to New England ~ You look like you have a great start ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  7. Love seeing your garden. We still have juncos here in New Hampshire (thanks to that cold we had also), and I am waiting for them to leave, not that I don't like them, but once they go, spring is arriving and the cold is going away. This weekend they say it'll get warmer. Happy T Day.

  8. Thanks for your nature photography. Spring blooms are wonderful, aren't they! And the sparrows may be a common bird (they are around here), but they are interesting to watch. And there are so many kinds that I can't tell them apart. We have junkos here, but I don't ever see bluebirds here in the city. I'm sure it'll be fun seeing them raise a family. Happy T Tuesday on Wednesday :)

  9. Love your WIP...adorable birds with lots of personality! And gorgeous spring photos...I am jealous of your lilacs and apple blossoms...not to mention bees! we had snow a lot last week (in OHIO) and I am beginning to wonder if Spring is ever going to arrive. Love those quotes too! happy T day!

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