Monday, March 7, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again Tuesday friends. :) 
Spring is really in the air here and I got to spend  LOTS  outside the last two days :) 
But before I forget again here is my photo of my drink ..... coffee again....
Marley Coffee
One Love this time :) 
The Daffodils are starting to bloom here :) 

 ...and one little Forsythia bloom.
My garden helper came today after school and we got a whole lot of things done. He's a good kid and a hard worker. 
We cleaned up several flower beds, cut down a big bunch of invasive bushes that are trying to take over everywhere and we uncovered the veggie garden :) 
It's going to be great having his help !!!! 

We were also visited by a large flock of noisy blackbirds. 

The hung around for about 30 loud minutes and then flew away. There were hundreds of them and were in every tree out back. Almost felt like the old Alfred  Hitchcock movie "The Birds" Good thing these were violent. 
We are supposed to have rain for the next 5 days so it will be all inside stuff for me to get done :) 
Today's Random Thoughts

Thanks for stopping by!!!!


  1. You have been working hard. What a lot of birds, really a bit creepy. Have a happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. haha, Hitchcock was my first thought, too! thanks for the quotes also!
    happy t-day!

  3. Wow .. so many birds!
    So springlike at your area - we had snow today!

    Happy T-Day!

  4. I'm going to have to check on my daffodils, because my hyacinths are in full bloom. It's wonderful to have a helper. I'm really tired of doing it all, but I'll do it a few more years. I'm glad you got help, though.

    WoW, that was a lot of birds. I never saw so many in one spot before, except in fields. This was ironic and spooky.

    I'd never heard of Marley Coffee, but I looked it up and saw the company was started by Bob Marley's son. It's good to know more about it and how it is ethically grown. That's great to know, especially since I've never seen it in any stores here in KS.

    Thanks for sharing your gardens, flowers, birds, beautiful lady (art) and coffee with us for T this Tuesday. Here's to another great gardening year.

  5. It is great that you have help in the garden! Are you going to plant a vegetable garden?
    Oh those black bird! Looks like a scene from Hitchcock..(eerie music...)
    I like your 'face' behind the coffee cup.
    The quotes are wonderful again. I like the last one about lightning and thunder in life.
    Have a good week,

  6. Lucky you. We are warming up too but still not quite at plants coming up. But I am ready...Happy T day and enjoy your gardening. :)

  7. Yard and garden work-I actually can't wait! No sign of forsythia blooms or daffodils here yet though:( So far I've just been gathering lots of fallen twigs and branches around the yard.But it IS warming up so I'll keep looking for some buds to appear. Happy T day!

  8. Gosh we have the same weather forecast....a week of RAIN... i cannot complain though.. its been a dry winter for us. We really need it to calm the forest fire worries... But the sun is out this morning even if the radar looks ominous ...I hear a blue jay screeching and crow calling.. So glad you have help in your garden . It can be a huge task... Maybe next year i will get to garden a little... right now i'm off to paint... after coffee that is.. :) Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  9. Always enjoy your quotes dear Carol along with seeing your garden grow. Seeing your forsythia bloom I just had to run out back and make sure I didn't miss anything on ours ;-) It's a not yet. The only daffodils I have blooming are ones I cut over a week ago in bud stage before a heavy snow and they opened in the vase. We may hit 80 by the end of the week!
    Your One Love coffee sounds perfect and your lovely lady is magical ♥
    Happy T Day

  10. I get excited when I see the first daffodils and other spring bulbs popping up. Enjoyed the art behind the mug too.

  11. I love those first spring blooms, the daffodils and forsythia being so cheery in their bright yellow. :)

  12. I've seen a flock of black birds come in for a stopover before--years ago. You can't help but think of "The Birds"--LOL! They are LOUD and happy and hungry.
    So glad you have a gardening helper. Like your lady in red in the journal. Happy T-Day! :)

  13. It's lovely seeing the daffodils! It is really interesting seeing that American blackbirds are so different from English blackbirds - what a lot of them! Happy T day! Chrisx

  14. Great photos all! Love seeing the daffodils, and even the blackbirds. they really ARE noisy scamps...Happy belated T day!

  15. I always love to see those first flowers of spring popping through. I agree with that looking like a Hitchcock movie....whenever I see a large flock roosting, I think of that movie.