Monday, January 18, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday & IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!!!

When I got up this morning it was a whopping 5° F out there and only got up to 16° F . 

The birds were all fluffed up and anxiously waiting for me to fill the bird feeders ...
...The squirrels were ready to eat too :-/

I have three feeders on the deck and 3 suet holders. 

So we have a lot of birds that visit us every day in the winter. 
I also have two large feeders out in the yard  that are there primarily to keep the squirrels off the deck. As you can see it doesn't always work. 
They all make a huge mess on the deck and it drives the husband crazy... I figure we aren't using it in the winter anyhow and it cleans up quickly come summer. Then I take down the seed feeders and put up Humming Bird feeders. Hummers don't make a mess at all :) 
However sometimes the squirrels do tip the hummer feeders and drink the syrup and make a sticky mess on the deck :( 
The temps are already dropping now that the sun is going down so it's time to light a fire and think about dinner. 
I haven't been online much lately ...just taking me time. 
Other Random Thoughts

Sliding in the drink photo at the last here because I forgot again :-/
A whole pot of Echinacea tea because most people at work are sick and I don't want to be . 
 Also my new flower pot to use in the new bathroom.


  1. You are a truly wonderful person to feed the birds in the winter. I have two feeders on my fence, but since it's been so icy and cold (our temps dipped to 8F last night with wind chills in the negative numbers), I don't refill the feeder as often as I should. They do get water every day, though, because I bring it to a bird bath/feeder that sits near my mailbox.

    Your tea looks wonderful and the teapot and matching cup and saucer are gorgeous. After all, blue is my favorite color. and I always laugh when I see the honey bears. People give me empty ones and I use them to hold gesso and and other art related liquids. Yours looks more functional for drinking, though (grin).

    Thanks for sharing your birds, your new flower pot, your random thoughts, and your tea with us for T this week. Long live the honey bear.

  2. Beautiful photos, Carol, it does look cold, Very frosty here, too, the birds really need lots of food. Enjoy your tea, and stay well, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. The birds are very grateful to you and squirrels.

  4. poor birds in winter, i hope the squirrels leave something for them... love your quotes (as always)... stay healthy, take care! happy t-day:)

  5. Wonderful birds - they need a lot of fat now...ours here as well!
    Stay warm and take care!
    Happy T-Day!

  6. Your weather sounds like our weather-do you have this wind too? Feels like we are below zero...brrr. Glad you filled those bird feeders. Happy T day!

  7. It's COLD here too-feels like minus 2 this AM!!I love watching the birds at my feeders too. You got some fabulous photos of the different varieties. I so want to put out a suet cake but can't because my dog would go after the fallen bits:( Stay warm, and happy T day!

  8. I love your bird photos :) We don't get so many as you do, but we have regulars who like our safflower seeds and suet in winter. I'm trying a fruit feeder with a piece of orange but no takers so far.

    Good luck not getting sick. That tea oughta help :)

  9. Lovely to see all of your birdies!
    They know a good place to visit when they see it.
    Squirrels are such rascals...cute but messy guys to say the least! We stopped put up seed feeders because the squirrels wrecked them all. We finally found a suet feeder that they cannot get into.
    Good idea on your tea choice and it must taste extra good in your pretty cup. Lovely flower pot too. I have been missing flowers in the garden lately.
    Happy T Day dear Carol
    Stay warm
    Me time is always a good thing.

  10. Happy T-day Carol! Wonderful photos of the birds....and squirrel. Because we don't get the snow and fringed temperatures here, I don't set out feeders....but I do watch them every morning come and eat off the lawn, and bath in the rain puddles. I have two doves that visit every morning, they must have a nest close by.
    I haven't been on line much, except to try and keep up with the photo challenge..........I think I fall into the category of your first random thoughts......recharging for the spring that will come.

    1. Recharging is a good state of mind to be in :) Thanks for stopping by!

  11. I would be watching the birds and squirrels every chance I got, as you may have guessed. They don't allow feeders here. I'd get in trouble for feeding the grouse and jackrabbits. Glad they come around anyways for the grass. ;)
    Pretty cup. Happy T-Day! :)

  12. Gorgeous pictures of your lickle birdies. You have reminded me I need to fill my feeders too. Hubby hates them but I love to stand in the kitchen and watch the acrobatics of that feeder!!
    Happy T Day!

  13. Oh I do love seeing birds at feeders! I enjoyed sitting an watching for ages at the weekend. I would love to know the names of the birds in the first and last photos.
    We have Starlings and Finches in the UK, also Woodpeckers but not like this in the North of England. I love your new flower pot and your lovely teapot and cup! Happy T Day! Hugs, Chris

  14. Carol, our weather is pretty similar, been downright brutal at night lately, -24F windchills. Warming up some now, thankfully. I love seeing the birds at the feeders, you have some amazing photos! Stay healthy with your delicious tea!

  15. It is COLD! We had a bit of snow and ice. We are keeping the bird feeders full too and feeding the bluebirds worms. I found some wonderful oolong tea in Jeff City last week! Stay warm!

  16. Birds are so much fun to watch at feeders. I like your positive thoughts, too. And some echinacea tea sounds like a good way to stay healthy.