Wednesday, September 23, 2015


It's come and gone :( 
The season of the year that I build the rest of my year around. 
Saying I'm a "Summer Girl" just isn't strong enough to express how I feel about that time of year. So waking up yesterday and realizing that it was "THE LAST DAY OF SUMMER" 
changed my plans for the whole day. 
No running errands (that did need to be done) no grocery buying and no house work. It was my day to be outside , enjoying the warm sunshine and the beauty of Nature around me. 
Releasing the two Monarchs that had hatched....
 ...walking through my little patch of woods and seeing the wildflowers blooming... I'll be gathering some goldenrod in the next day or so to make some salve. 
Finding that there is a huge patch of these growing by our lagoon. So full of bees that it sounded like a small  engine running...
 ...I have no idea what the are but I like them ..☺

....and then next to them I found the wild grapes where still there waiting to be picked or eaten by birds and turtles. 

I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the turtle eating the grapes... I was just totally caught up in watching him ☺
I did run back up to the house and grabbed a bucket and picked enough to make a small batch of grape jelly. Leaving lots for the critters outside to eat. 

I needed to do a face for the 29 Faces in Sept challenge so I decided to paint on a rock I found on my hike last week. This was originally suppose to be the under-painting but I'm liking it just as it is for now. 
So Face # 23 is done.
So that's how I spent my last day of summer.

Today the first day of fall will be full of things like cleaning up the garden and processing the wild grapes. 
Fun art things are in the works too.... and those boring errands that didn't get done yesterday .


  1. "Like a small engine running" I like that. :) That's the way our pea garden sounds lately.

    Envious of your grapes, and joining you in feeling a little pang of regret as summer departs...

  2. We could be summer sisters!! I'm such a summertime girl-- I'm actually hat boring some depression now that is gone. Our falls are always beautiful -- I think it's just that I dread what comes next. I hate winter....