Tuesday, August 4, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday friends !
Before I forget here's my beverage for today...
....and lots of it! It's an absolutely NO energy day here today! 
It's not a good day to be dragging my butt either :( 
This is what's waiting to be processed on my kitchen table...
....and I haven't picked what's out there today yet. So I'm really hoping the coffee kicks in fairly fast here. 
In the meantime we are down to the fine tuning in my bathroom rehap :) 
Here are some rather blurry photos but it took so long for them to download to the computer that I don't have the patience to try for better ones today. 
Here's the vanity and sink... somehow the handles got lost in the shuffle and new ones are on order :( 
The shower without it's door... cant get the husband in gear to go out and pick one out... so in the meantime I have placed a clear shower curtain up with a tension rod. So we can use it. 
The tub...which I have used several times already... but a new drain has to be ordered as this one does not stay open on it's own to drain it... :(  Nothing seems to be made well these days :( 

The new linen closet which still needs a clear coat on the shelves.... I'm doing that myself this week :) 
 The new flooring :) I absolutely love this flooring ♥♥♥♥ 
They still have  to hang the big antique mirror that my husbands parents got when the purchased their first home. It's so pretty and has all of that lovely edging that the old ones had. It's super heavy so we had to get a heavy duty hanger for it. 
So we are using the new bathroom now but I haven't brought everything back into it yet as I don't want it all in the way when they come back to finish up. 
Then I get to decorate!!!!! 

Today's Random Thoughts...

The second one is so fitting for us as we finish up the bath we are picking out the flooring to start on the living room . :) Hopefully that won't be as long of an ordeal. 
So now I must get out to the garden and pick those tomatoes so I can start the canning process for today :) 
I'll be by to visit all of you lovely folks as the day goes on... You now I have to take lots of coffee breaks :) 


  1. Gosh, Carol, I agree you need lots of coffee to get all those tomatoes ready for winter. Of course, I like your new bath. It's going to be a beauty once all the kinks are worked out. I always say there's time to rework something, but not enough time to do it right the first time. I know the floor will be done right, though!

    Thanks for sharing your new bath, your art, and your coffee with us for T this Tuesday. And good luck with the continued bathroom remodel.

  2. oooo, yes, what a wonderful floor! I don't know how you'e managing to do the house and still put food up for winter. I'm impressed!

  3. Very fine quote selections as always Carol.
    Everything about your new bathroom looks really lovely and how lucky you are to have that family heirloom as the crowning glory.
    One has to wonder what ever happened to quality control for products and none of them are cheap either!
    With all of your hard work some nice soaks in that pretty tub are in order with some lavender maybe...ahhh.
    Happy T Day hope you didn't melt picking tomatoes...it is a scorcher here in VA.

  4. I love those faces! So pleased you are almost there with the bathroom! Good luck with the tomatoes! Happy T day! Chrisx

  5. Lovely bathroom. I too love that flooring. Looking forward to seeing a photo of the mirror. It sounds glorious.
    Thank you for the quotes. I particularly like the second one. We are also building and everything is a mess. Tomorrow we're going to look at bathroom tiles, and also a suite as we haven't got that yet either. Our bathroom is a wet-room, so no bath, just a shower.
    Your tomatoes look scrumptious. You are privileged to have that at your fingertips (in spite of the hot weather).
    Have a good T for Tuesday,

  6. I felt like that this morning, too. So much to do and no energy--LOL! I hope you get some of the things you want to get done today. Me, too. Happy T-Day! :)

  7. What a lovely bathroom!!! Can i ask you what material you used for the shower?? We will be doing a bathroom redo soon.... Thanks so much for sharing this Tday! And those journal pages at the top take my breath away. gorgeous!! Hugs! deb

  8. I really like your new bathroom...and envy you your tomatoes. the abundance of rain here seems to have given the tomatoes wet feet, or a fungus or something. happy T day!

  9. Your new bathroom looks lovely. And yes, those floor tiles look great.
    Have a wonderful week

  10. Your bathroom is looking good already, and you are creating a real wellness oasis there, enjoy it. Hope the coffee got you going again, I can't do without mine! Have a great week, Sweetie! Hugs. Valerie

  11. I LOVE the flooring too! Your bathroom turned out beautifully! That tub... oh yeah!

  12. Your new bathroom is adorable!Love your faces.So beautiful!My daughter used to grow tomatoes too.Happy belated T!