Monday, June 8, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello Tuesday friends :) 
Another busy and wet week here. We did have some sunny days and the warm summer sun has made things grow in leaps and bounds. 
 The poppies are still going strong but s the days warm up I'm sure they'll slow down. I have been deadheading all but one seedpod and I think that's why they have re-bloomed so much.  
 The Hens and Chicks are really shooting out new clusters and it had already outgrown it's Strawberry pot. I have an old pair of Bob's work boots that I think I will transplant some of it too :) 
 The Salvias have bloomed and are a bit taller than usual..... 
 ... and the Echinaceas  are forming their petals....
My one giant Sunflower is almost there ...probably in a couple of days. 
I took a bunch of other pictures but they are still on my phone and it's kind of late for me so this will be shorter this week.
Tomorrow I am going to my daughters to visit a few days. One of those days we will travel to Kentucky to see my Uncle . He's my dad's twin brother and he has Alzheimer's and is getting worse so I want to go and see him one more time while he still knows who I am. My parents are down there visiting now. We are hoping to squeeze in a quick stop at the National Quilt Museum on our way home. Time will tell. 
My drink of the day...
almost forgot again :) herbal tea for calming with some mullein thrown in for my sinus and allergies. 
Today's Random Thoughts


  1. WOW, your garden has so many wonderful flowers. Wish I had even half the plants you have, but I get many of mine from friends. My Echinecia hasn't even begun to show, much less start to flower. I hope I didn't kill all the seeds last fall when I mowed the plants down.

    That's a darling teapot. The perfect size for your rather large mug. Wonder what the C stands for. OK, that was facetious.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely garden and tea with us for T this week. Have a great trip. Is the Museum in Paducah? If so, I've been there, but had very little interest in quilts when I went. Just needed something to do while my car, which broke down right outside Paducah, was getting a new alternator. Have fun if you go. I'm sure you will love it.

  2. Beautiful garden. The poppies my favourite. Your teapot is very cute. Happy T Day :-D

  3. Love the pictures Carol and the quotes. I hope you have a wonderful trip and visit. Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  4. such a gorgeous garden Carol! Always fun to read your thoughts of the day. Love your teapot and your monogrammed mug too. Safe travels and have a great time visiting everyone!

  5. Everything is growing beautifully! What a cool teapot!
    Love the sayings, too. Happy T-Day! :)

  6. Oh those poppies!
    Lovely to see what's blooming in your special gardens Carol.
    Wishing you a good trip.
    The Quilt Museum sounds like a highlight.
    Happy T Day

  7. What gorgeous poppies, and everything else is so pretty.
    Love all the quotes at the end of your post......makes one think.....
    Happy T-day

  8. From the flowers to the quotes, this whole post is so beautiful. Thanks for adding your brand of joy to T Day!

  9. Love the poppies! Good you are going to be able to see your Uncle. Have a safe trip. Haven't we had three beautiful days AND we are officially out of drought status!

  10. Lovely post Carol, your flowers are doing so well! Hugs, Valerie

  11. Lovely post Carol, your flowers are doing so well! Hugs, Valerie

  12. I lived in Paducah for a while, and that quilt museum is stunning. The quilts on display are works of art.

    Thanks for sharing your flower photos. I don't have any of the ones you have blooming.

    Your teapot is pretty :)

  13. What beautiful flowers! I hope you have a good visit with your uncle.