Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"T" Stands for Tuesday

Hello again Tuesday :) 
The week sure did seem to just slip right by almost with out me .  One day it's Tuesday and then the weekend is here and all of it's hub bub. 
I worked hard getting the rest of the straw bales ready to start conditioning.. pounding in fence post only to realize that I had put 2 of them in backwards and had to forcefully remove them and re-pound the suckers back in. I was sweaty and cross when that process was over let me tell you. So much so that I forgot to even take pictures of the hard work I had accomplished. 
Then I spent a good deal of time trying to clean up the main herb bed that was in terrible shape due to the neglect after my injury last year. 
 The oregano was the starting point and it was a mess...  
but we got it cleaned up and even though it looks straggly I think it will fill out OK. 
Next was the Thyme....
 My big German thyme plant didn't survive but it was over 12 years old so I guess it was time to replace it :( 
The English and Lemon Thyme are looking rough but I'm holding out that TLC will bring them back. 
The Winter Sorrel  really looked bad .....

.....the sorrel was planted the same year as the German Thyme and I am really surprised it has hung in there. 
I started on the Lemon balm but didn't get much of it cleaned out before the energy levels bottomed out. the Lemon Balm will survive anything :) 

... the big space there is where the German Thyme was... 
This shot was in March before I did anything to the bed at all. 

After all of the clean up I looked at the weather report and realized it was supposed to get way below freezing that night so it was cover up time. :( 
Everything did well though and looks good now. You can see a bit of the Straw Bales in the last 2 photos. I need to get some much for the Herb Bed but it will not be the dyed stuff... just boring wood chips and grass cuttings  to keep the weeds down. 

The next day I worked on spreading the black mulch in the front flower bed. I am really loving the way this looks. I just wish I had the energy to lay a pavestone edge to this bed so it would look completed. I may have to talk to my son and see if I can convince him to give up a couple of Saturdays to do it.  
The next two days I spent on the couch or in bed.... over did it again and the muscles revolted... But it was a good time to catch up on reading , art and garden planning. So all is good :) 
This week I'm off work and it's looking like rain all most every day ... so it will be soap making and  teabag filling time :) 
I have decided to set up at the local Farmers Market a couple of times a month this summer and see how that goes. 
Here's my drink for the week ...water in the companion glass from last week. This is the glass my friend gave my husband. As he is very laid back and slow moving most of the time. The glass fits me this week. :) 
Random Thought's for Today...

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  1. What a busy gardener you are Carol!
    It is such happy work (altho hard at times) that always shows great results.
    Your garden is looking lovely.
    I am hoping I am able to do more gardening this year...some things have gone wild while they thought I wasn't looking ;-)
    Being part of the local Farmer's Market sure sounds like fun...they always seem to have a special atmosphere and feel to them no matter where we visit.
    Happy T Day to you.

  2. You were busy and it looks like hard work. No wonder you had to take some time to recover. I enjoy Farmer's Markets whenever I find one. I'll be interested in seeing what you make and how you set up your stall. You will be showing us pictures won't you?


  3. I tried to over-winter herbs outside in pots this year, and they didn't make it. I don't really have room to plant them in the ground and no room to over-winter them inside, so I guess I'll resign myself to treating them as annuals. It's a treat to see your progress in your lovely garden spaces. Thx!

    Happy T Day! :)

  4. I can't believe all you get done before your body revolts. I think mine would be in pain before too much exercise. My thyme didn't make it, and I fear my sage didn't either. The day I got all my plants outside that I'd been over-wintering in the house was the day it hailed. It hailed with high winds the next day, too. Some parts of town are still without power from the high winds we got. Knocked over dozens of streets of electrical poles.

    Making soap is no easy task, so I hope you have found a way to make it seem easy. Thanks for sharing your cute glass of water with us for T this Tuesday, as well as your lovely garden and your new plantings.

  5. love your herbs..thyme is lovely..I added it to a chicken n mushroom pie I made for Easter

  6. You and my neighbor would get along splendidly with all your garden work! She was out yesterday beginning to clean up in order to till the garden and begin planting. Lucky me, I just keep her company-maybe assist a bit-and then reap the rewards along with her. I think you selling at your farmer's market is a great idea and I bet you will do well too. Glad you were able to take it easy and rest those weary muscles a bit. Happy T day!

  7. Carol you are back to work? I thought maybe you had retired. We have been trying to shape things up here. We aren't doing any new beds this year and not planting anything. I just feel like it is going to be a dry summer. I will buy my ferns and some lavender and basil. The deer are eating every thing in sight! Hope you are feeling better. We are bracing for storms tonight and tomorrow!

  8. My goodness you get a lot done! Hope the freeze didn't hurt any of your plants. I always want to get right outside to clean up the yard at the first warm day, but as it can still snow here, I try to resist. Happy T Day!

  9. I take it you have Missouri concrete for soil as well-lol that's what I named it after we first moved here-I have seen such horrible-"unsoil" this is the third year of adding compost to my little veggie space and it has made a huge difference. I still have areas that need a bunch added this year.
    My thyme is dieing out too-and some of it is about 11 to 12 years old never thought it would stop growing-a couple years I didn't get the leaves raked off before it got too hot-so figured that was what killed it off
    Happy Tuesday

    1. oops that should read I have never seen such horrible-unsoil

  10. Oh wow! That was a lot of work. I know all about overdoing it. I'm on R&R till I recover from my own--LOL! Going to be so nice come warm weather, though. You will have lots of herbs for all the goodies you concoct. ;) Happy T-Day! :)

  11. Is that your front yard in the header picture? Boy its gorgeous and I am mighty jealous. your herb garden has lovely plants in it. My thyme doesnt last more than a season as my husband succeeds in killing it LOL

  12. After reading all you've been doing I feel exhausted! Make sure you get enough rest Sweetie! Hugs, Valerie

  13. After reading all you've been doing I feel exhausted! Make sure you get enough rest Sweetie! Hugs, Valerie

  14. you've been busy! I need to clean up our yard so badly, but am listening the the rain fall outside, and hoping the sump pump in the basement keeps running! hoping for sunshine soon...your herbs will be quite wonderful this year, I am sure1

  15. Wow! Your garden looks impressive. I don't have much of a green thumb. I'm hoping if it's allowed to transform my front lawn from a lawn to something more waterwise (I live in CA and we're in a drought), but again, not much of a green thumb...