Monday, March 30, 2015

T Stand for TUESDAY

Hello there Tuesday Gang!! 
Spring like weather has returned again and I'm running around like crazy trying to get as much done as I can to get this garden ready for it's season :) 
Here's my drink of the day.... 
This is one of my favorite classes that was given to me by a good friend over 20 years ago. She said it fit my personality and activity levels :) I was hoping that by drinking out if it today the energy levels would pump up... it didn't work out so well.
The Daffodils are really going strong this week....

There will be more later on so I'll show their photos next week or the week after...depending on how warm the days stay :) I have peach colors and white ones that bloom later than the yellows. 

I've started spreading the black mulch. This is going to take a while as I have to set on the ground and kind of hand pull the mulch out of the bags so I don't hurt my back again. It's relaxing though so I'm enjoying. I'm definitely going to need more bags though. 
A little splash of purple here and there :) 
....and a whole lot of green in here...

I'm thinking I will have to put up a small hoop tunnel and move these outside real soon. They need be re-potted to larger pots and there's not room inside for that.  Unless I take down the bed and buy more grow lights....nah I think a hoop tunnel will be better:) 
I have another painting started....
....not sure where it's going yet but that's ok. 
Today's Random Thoughts...

So that's my Tuesday... be sure to check out the other folks by clicking on the button on my sidebar :) 


  1. Wow, I have about six daffodils. They were here when I bought the house and they have never spread. I want to replant them, but the ground where they are located is too hard and I've never gotten a spade in it, even though I've tried on more than one occasion.

    I bought some hyacinths at the nursery the other day. I still haven't planted them and I'm glad I didn't because of the hail. I've never purchased mulch, since I try to make my own. Of course, I don't have the huge areas you have.

    I laughed at your glass, Speedy! Thanks for sharing it, your lovely garden, and your seedlings with us for T this Tuesday. Wish I had your growing skills and a few of your seeds (grin).

  2. I have no daffodils or crocus of my own, and I enjoyed looking at yours :) Thanks for sharing your gardening adventure.

  3. Seeing your glass brought back really fun childhood cartoon memories...
    that's a great reputation to have Carol :-)
    Lovely to see your garden blooms.
    Our daffodils waited until we got home yesterday to start opening.
    Spring blooms are something I always look forward too.
    Happy T Day!

  4. Hello and Happy T Day! I love seeing spring and flowers, thank you. Here it's been cold, windy, snowy, raining and no pretty signs of spring yet. Your flowers will be gorgeous this summer. Enjoy the weather for me to please. What a cute glass you've shared with us. I remember him and he is pretty hyper and happy little fellow. Have a good week.

  5. It's wintry again here today with the wind biting. I hope it's warmer and drier further south as we travel tomorrow. Your daffodils are beautiful I have a good spread of miniature ones I love to see in the garden. Happy T Day :o)

  6. nothing like those good ole cartoon characters:) Nice seeing your flowers-we don't have even one bloom yet. Wonderful background page full of colors and layers! Happy T day and a happy Easter!

  7. oh, your daffodils give me a boost, and hope for spring! here in my Ohio yard, I haven't seen any green shoots yet. We still had snow a couple of days last week. ugh. seems like it will never end. your planting photos give me hope! happy T day!

  8. Your seedlings are wonderful. I need to start a few more things. My peppers never did come up. I guess it's time for a new packet of seeds.
    Careful with your back!!!
    Happy T day.

  9. All this seedlings are so beautiful and I adore your daffodils Carol!
    Great !Wonderful garden!
    You are so busy... great background as well!

  10. Darn! I was going to go out and get one of those glasses if you said it worked, LOL! Your daffodils are gorgeous--I can wait to see the peach ones! I think it was last week when I said I was going to start my seeds but then we had more snow. It can easily be May here before we can plant outside. Nice to see your lovely artwork, too!

  11. I love how you let your art just flow and it just comes to you! Our daffies are dancing in the wind today. I have never seen different colored ones. Your yellow daffies are so happy looking.. all perky! Aren't you loving the weather? Enjoy the day Carol!

  12. Wow! Spring has definitely sprung your way!!
    Glad you are taking care of your back with all the gardening.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  13. LOL at your glass theory, hope it worked. Your garden looks great and blooming well
    Bridget #1

  14. Love your two quotes Carol. Thank you for that. Cannot wait to see where your painting goes...I hope to have the courage to paint like that when we get settled again.. LOve your daffodils......I look forward to having some at the new house.... Hugs! deb

  15. My daffodils have already come and gone for this spring, around here they bloom in February. I haven't had hyacinths in years, I just love the fragrance they give.

    You glass made me smile.

    Thanks for the comment you left on my blog this week.

  16. Love your daffodils, and you seem to work very hard in your garden. Lovely quotes this week, especially 'Unless you try you'll never know'. Looking forward to seeing where your WIP goes. Have a good week, Valerie