Tuesday, July 23, 2013

When Time Flies... Warning lots of Photos

Where has the summer gone? It took so long to get here...with all of the late cold and very wet weather we had this spring. Now it's almost over and it seems like it just began. 
The garden is very small this year.... too much cold & wet this spring and a major lack of motivation.. Motivation is a major issue this year.....What did get planted seems to be having difficulty producing well. I can totally relate to that. :) 
The flowers do look marvelous though!

I planted a ton of sunflower seeds ..but the only ones that grew and bloomed were volunteers from last years crop. I guess the seeds I planted must have drowned :( 

The perennial beds are amazing this year!!! After 2 years of drought and heat they are showing their stuff this year :) 

Baby kitty has gone to live with her forever family...who is loving her to pieces and share  photos of her regularly . She is getting so big. I'm very happy she has such a great home where I know she is loved and gets all the attention she wants.  

The Granddaughters came to stay last week and we had a blast!!! 

We spent one full day playing in a spring feed creek!! It was hot and miserable everywhere else but had a cool day in the water.

We always do at least one day of art when they come. It's a joy to share my love of art with them and they both love art too. 

Of course it's always fun to just chill out with snacks and good TV once in a while too. 

They are growing up so fast and I dread the days when hanging out with friends will out rule hanging out with Grandma. Means I will have to get more creative with ways to keep them coming back :) 
So it may have been a short summer this year ...But it was busy one. School is just around the corner.... Can't believe they start in the middle of August now :( Making our summer even shorter.  Hope there aren't too many pictures for you :) I have tons more but figured this was enough for now. 

Todays Art Card was done by 
Annie Hamby 


  1. Nothing like the lazy daze of summer, the grandkids around and a nice dip in the cold spring creek...:)

  2. loved the photos Carol-sounds like a wonderful summer for you so far though-I always cherish my time with my grandparents-on the farm-I looked forward to it every year-even threw high school-I just loved spending time with them and doing things on the farm-guess that's why I am a farm girl at heart

  3. Great Pics!! My girls are teenagers and still pick to go to Nana & Grampie's house because they get spoiled rotten there! They get to lay around and be spoiled rotten!! Lol

  4. Fun shots Carol! Yes summer has screamed by. We have not been getting the rain you have been getting, it just keeps dancing all around us. We NEED rain. Glad you are enjoying your summer. It has been wonderfully cooler than last summer. It is 62 here this morning!

  5. Carol, I agree, this summer has just gone far too fast. Your flowers look wonderful, they really appreciate all the moisture. Looks like the girls had a great time, these are memories they will always cherish.

  6. Carol- summer is passing way too fast!! Your flowers have been so lovely. Best of all really is the time spent with grandbabies--- your are precious! I think you've had a great summer :)

    Thank you for your visits and comments-- for your support of me and my blog. I'm so very grateful.