Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Experimental Garden Beds and Fostering a Kitten

WOW! It has been crazy busy here the past few weeks. I'm stills weeks...maybe months behind in the weeding and gardening. 
I did start a new experimental garden bed and hope to get it finished this week....

It's a Hungelkutur Bed , which uses fallen limbs and sticks and even smaller logs to
 build up the bed. Layered with grass
 cuttings, weeds, kitchen scrapes and leaves
 from the fall. Kind of a big compost pile
 that is stacked to be 3 to 4 feet tall and then 
a 6 inch layer of soil on top. No more bending over to weed this one :)
If it works out I"ll build more. We seem to have an endless supply of wood from the back wooded area. I have to do stick patrol before mowing. 

The big ole garter snake that lives in my garden loves it :) So glad to make him Happy ♥

Bob played Guardian Angel at work last week and rescued a kitten from an air conditioning unit. 

She was so tiny and her eyes were not even open when he brought her home. 

She only weighed 5 oz. 

She is now 6.5 oz and her eyes are open and she is starting to try and navigate around her little box

Took her to the Vet yesterday and she was pronounced very healthy and very lucky :) 
She already has a forever home lined up and will go there in a few weeks when she's weaned from the bottle and litter trained. 
It's been fun but and awful lot of work :) taking care of her. I'll miss her but I know she is going to a good home.
Well the garden is calling so I had better get out there.

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Kimberly Mackey


  1. what an interesting gardening idea-keep us posted on how it works-cute little one

  2. What a sweet little kitty. You and your husband are doing a good thing by raising her and finding her a home.

  3. Nice to see you Carol! Very sweet thing you are doing for that kitten.. :)

  4. Interesting idea for composting.... Thanks!

  5. I did this once back in the late 80's with my daughter. We were up feeding them half the night as the Mother was killed several days before. It was quite an experience.
    I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog!