Monday, May 20, 2013

Good Morning !!! Long time NO SEE...but I'm still HERE and Kicking ♥

What can I say?
 I've been busy, I can't seem to put two words together to form a sentence, nothing worth writing about, discombobulated and plain ole LAZY. All of the above easily describe why I haven't been  blogging. Many other factors too but then everyone just needs a break once in a while. 
So I've been busy lately arguing with Mother Nature on the finer details of when Spring is supposed to arrive. She was very slow to listen this year and everything is happening much later than normal and somethings just won't be happening this year at all :(  No plums on the plum trees and very few apples on the apple trees. Both of which make me very sad. 

I can't believe we actually had frost last week...IT'S MAY ALREADY! 
So I am just now getting my veggies planted..

Fortunately the Herbs weathered the   horrible spring and the first harvest of those is ready :) 

Today the BIG Dumpster arrived for the purging of the basement. For the last 11 years our basement has been used as a strange unit and dumping ground for all things unwanted and unused and otherwise forgotten. 
This year we plan to actually turn it into a family studio...workshop for hubs and a small storage room. :) :) ♥♥♥♥♥


Finally it is time to actually plant the new landscaping we added out front last year!!!
The weather is beautiful today and as soon as I get this posted I will be heading out to get real dirty!!!!!  Lots of compost , dirt,  straw and sunshine   makes me a happy camper today . 
Last but not least...sharing one of the cards from an Inspirational Quote Deck of Cards swap that I participated in this spring. 52  beautiful cards from 52 different artist who participated in the swap. Tons of fun creating my own cards and sending them in but major enjoyment receiving an amazing deck  in return. 
Hopefully I'll remember to share them with you all through out the year :) 
ART by 
Gigi Butterfly Hoeller


  1. wow that was allot of art cards to make-that would keep me busy and off the computer-lol fun though to get so many different ones back in the mail though

  2. Good Morning Carol! Sounds great about turning the basement into fun space! I understand about no time for blogging. I think we are in Spring mode now, no doubt.. :)