Thursday, May 17, 2012

Still Playing catch Up

When I say it's been insanely busy here...that is an understatement :0( I'm still playing catch up with the flower gardens and just when I think I'm caught up I am blessed with more gifts of plants. Seems that every one but me is thinning out.....however I will be thinning out day lily's  once they bloom so I will be able to return some favors. 
I was able to catch some great photos of the super moon we had a few weeks ago...

and it was absolutely beautiful.
However, I liked the next nights moon much had this wonderful orange glow to it all night :0) 

Just stellar!!!!

We have lived here for 10 years now and every year we get a pair of Indigo Buntings that nest in our trees and feed at our feeders. I have tried faithfully to get a good picture and finally this year I got something decent.

I am so excited they have finally starting feeding at the deck feeders and I just might get something really good sometime soon.

It's time for me to head off to work now so I will sign off and see you soon. Today is my last day to work for 12 days!!!!!!


  1. That orange moon is stunning!
    The birds are beautiful, too. ;)

  2. I saw that beautiful moon from my home, too. I love the indigo bunting pix.

  3. I forgot to look for that moon, you have some gorgeous photos of it I love the orange one the best too.
    I love those little buntings too. I put a feeder out by the window right where the computer is-and I scatter a little seed out on the ground too-I love this time of year watching the birds building nests and singing. enjoy your upcoming vacation

  4. Stunning photos of the moon and I love those birds. x

  5. We didn't have nearly the super moon you did! Beautiful photos!

  6. Hubby got a really good shot of the super moon, but mine didn't turn out. Should have used my tripod. Lucky you to have indigo bunting at your feeder. They sure are pretty.

  7. Fantastic photographs, fine views. I am greeting

  8. Lucky you with that Indigo Bunting! Great moon shots Carol! Enjoy this weather and play in the yard.. :)

  9. I love the little indigos!! Great pics!