Friday, March 16, 2012

It's still Spring Like Here :0)

Don't remember if I've shown too many pictures of this little Wood Pecker. He's a regular at the deck and likes to show off.

The yard has been full of Crackles this week but they have left the feeders alone .... so far.
They have such pretty coloring but the are pushy and noisy. 

Coming home from work last night there was this amazing cloud... I just had to pull into a parking lot and take a picture with my cellphone. Too bad I didn't have the good camera with me. 

The color reflections from the sunset where beautiful! We had storm last night but clear weather today. 

Keeping my fingers crossed that it stays nice all of my days off.....I'm on day 2 of 7 off!!!
A mini vacation to get the yard cleaned up and ready for the real spring planting :0) 

Asking for prayers again for my stepsons natural mother. She's the one with lung cancer and was told 13 months ago she only had 3 weeks to live. She entered an experimental drug program and has done very well until recently. She is back in the hospital now with a high fever and difficulty breathing. All prayers will be deeply appreciated.  


  1. Prayers on the way Carol! That cloud looks like a spaceship :)

  2. I loved all your recent posts Carole. The birds of springtime and the flowers to come is what its all about... :)