Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Writers Block

I set in front of the keyboard and stare at the screen trying to come up with something creative to write about and nothing happens...

Except that time keeps flying by. I think part of the problem is that I'm addicted to my art right now. Every day I head for the studio as soon as I can and only come out when I absolutely have to. If my hubby complains about me spending too much time in there, I drag my work out to the living room and semi-watch TV with him while I continue to "art" . 
My skills in my art are definitely improving with all of this work. But the house is suffering and the bird feeders don't get filled as much as the birdies would like. So maybe I need to redistribute my energies to other efforts ...maybe. Once February is over I won't have to create  something everyday....but I do still want to work on something every day.   

So for now I'm going to have a spot of tea to unwind and decide just what I am going to do tomorrow. 
After all Spring is around the corner and I must get ready for it :0) The gardens are waking up and calling my name. 
Here's my latest art piece....
"Ladies of the Garden" 


  1. Ah! Being consumed by the passion of creation! I can empathize. Love your painting. :)

  2. Carol, I hear you. The winter is going by too fast, I have so much art I want to accomplish yet, too. Once the garden wakes up, time is really limited, isn't it? Your painting is gorgeous, you are wonderfully talented.

    My housework is suffering too...but vacuuming and dusting more than once a week seems fruitless and takes away from time being creative. I'd much rather be in the basement studio!

  3. That's OK Carol. You are being creative in other ways! Keep going! xxoo Nancy