Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's February Right?

I took this picture yesterday as I was walking around in the yard...checking the winter damage. 
These guys look like they are ready to bloom in a couple of days.
Woke up this morning and there was snow on the ground....and a dead camera battery :0(  So I couldn't take their picture again as they stood there in the cold snow looking totally unaffected.
It's supposed to get even colder later this week so I don't know if they will get the chance to bloom or not. 
In the meantime I'm planning my spring garden and ordering the seeds I will need. 
I'm praying for a better garden year than last year!!! Keeping my fingers crossed and whatever other charm I can think of for better weather this summer. 

I'm still enjoying the birds at the feeders and trying to get good pictures through my foggy glass doors. 

Sometimes I'm lucky and they come out crystal these two :0) 

I'm also staying very busy with my art :0) I have joined a blogland challenge of  
29 Faces in February
We are posting a new face every day for the month. Faces are not my strong point so I need the practice and this gives me the motivation I need. 
If you like you can check out my work on my art blog ...
So that is what's going on are things in your world? 


  1. Almost blooming flowers...and then snow! Doesn't that just say it all about this strange winter. Love the pictures of the birds at the feeder. My son and DIL will be over tonight. Just finished putting together spinach and mushroom quiche for dinner. :) Have a good evening!

  2. Wow, your daffs are much more advanced than ours, but our hostas are up as well. Crazy! Love your birdies! xxoo Nancy

  3. Good Thursday Morning Carol! I have my fingers crossed for a kinder summer for 2012 too! You still have some great birds! I hated going off and leaving ours without the feed they were used to getting but what can you do? CH is going to get out thereand fill up feeders this morning and I am going to be doing laundry! I guess our crazy weather is here to stay! Strap yourself in for the wild ride! How sweet are those Nuthatches?

  4. Cold is settling in tonight, but luckily no rain or SNOW! Was out weeding today. All that rain busted out the dandelions. :D

  5. It's a bit warmer in my part of the world and one bunch of daffodils is already in bloom. The apricot and peach are starting to bloom as well so I sure hope we don't get a freeze here!
    Thanks for stopping by to view the birds in my part of the world.

  6. Happy Valentine's Day, dear Carol! xxoo Nancy

  7. I have trouble taking feeder shots through my back door sometimes. It's odd, once in a while they will be clear as anything and then they look cloudy. We have daffodils getting ready to bloom here, too. I hope they don't freeze out. Went over and checked out your faces. I tried to pic a favorite, but couldn't. They are all amazing.