Monday, January 2, 2012

Morning Visitor on the Deck

I am so glad that I moved the suet feeders to the deck this year. I was almost late for work yesterday because I spotted this fellow out there. I knew we had Northern Flickers in the area...but never have I seen one this close....and he didn't even seem to mind me scuttling around the kitchen trying to find my camera.  Or the swearing when it would focus in right.

He was eating fallen seeds from the other feeders at first.....

...then he flew up to the suet and stayed there awhile. 

It would fly off to a tree limb close by and then back to the deck to munch some more.

It's looking like a good year for bird watching from the kitchen table :0) and  a costly one for bird food. I have to buy more suet tomorrow and probably seeds too. 
I am having trouble getting my camera to focus clearly so I have to figure out what the problem with that is....probably some sort of operator error. 


  1. Our suet and seed are gone in a flash, but haven't seen any like this guy around here. He's a beauty.

  2. Oh that beautiful bird brings back memories to me! When I was ten I got the kids in the neighborhood to help catch bugs and worms for a couple of weeks for a nest of baby flickers abandoned in a tree. I sat for hours away from the tree to watch for the parents when the neighbor kids said a cat got the mom. Never saw them get fed. But why would the other parent abandon them? Anyways, we kept them alive until they flew off one by one. The last baby seemed to wait for me to arrive at dawn, just circled the tree three times and flew away. It was beautiful! Thanks for the memory of the flicker against the blue sky. :)

  3. We love the Flickers! They are like little monkeys with feathers :)

  4. Such beautiful flicker shots, Carol! Just love your bird photos! xxoo Nancy