Friday, December 9, 2011

The Brighter Side of Winter

I've filled the bird feeders and have started my favorite winter sport....watching the birds empty them as fast as they can :0) They can be so fun and sometimes vicious as they gather at the feeders looking for goodies. 
Even though it never got out of the 30's today I spent a couple of hours outside. I finally managed to plant my garlic.....I know..I should have been done a month ago the latest...but it didn't happen until today. I'm just thrilled that it DID happen :0) I was beginning to think it wasn't going to happen....
I also finished lining the driveway with solar lights on reflector polls....aka painted rebar when it snows I will be able to tell where the driveway really is. Last year was no fun with 24 inches of snow  and I had no clue where the dang thing was. Just maybe I won't have huge ruts in the yard next spring from driving where I shouldn't. 
Now I really must get off of here and do some of the dreaded house work that I promised myself I would get done today or else...the thing about breaking a promise to yourself is that you never get away with it. It's always there to remind you you failed :0( 
 Catch you all later....


  1. That is the prettiest and most unique bird feeder I have ever seen!! The birds are pretty, too, of course...but that feeder! ;)

    I'm glad you'll be able to judge where the driveway is this winter. Hope you got the housework done you promised yourself. :)

  2. Carol I sure am glad you finally filled those feeders because you are treating us to some tack sharp awesome photos of Goldfinches. You clicked right on those little eyes! They are messy eaters! Beautiful pictures! The markers for the drive are a super idea, we wandered off a bit last year too! I have exclamation point-itis. Enjoy your weekend Carol :)

  3. Carol, I planted my garlic a month ago and I only have one sprout so far. Not missing too much.

    Great shots of the birds. They do have a determined gleam in their eyes.