Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Daddy's been sick

I've been missing in action cause I've been franticly worried about my Daddy! On Sunday we got the call that he was at the hospital with an apparent stroke :(  He was very weak and shaky and extremely confused. They had also discovered he had pneumonia and didn't realize it.  
On Monday he was much better and they couldn't find any evidence of a stroke on the cat scans so there were ordering a MRI for Tuesday. Tuesday morning I packed my bags and headed north. They had assured me he was stable and I didn't need to make the trip...but he's my Daddy and I had to go. When I got there he looked rough and very shaky still.... I was about to get upset that they had misled me on his condition. But Wednesday morning he woke up almost his old self... The MRI the day before had shown no signs of a stroke  but his blood levels were back and he is extremely low in Vitamin B and D and they gave him shots on Tuesday night. He will get shots and physical therapy everyday for a week and then he can go home. We are so happy it was nothing major and he won't have any permanent side effects.  I took the above picture of him on Thursday before I left to come home...looks good for 82 and in the hospital doesn't he ? :) 
Keep him in your prayers that he will recover quickly and that my mother won't get herself run down taking care of him. 
My brother-in-law is constantly improving and doing great with the speech therapy. He starts his radiation treatments in 10 days so keep him in your prayers too that he doesn't have too many adverse side effects from that. 
Hopefully I'll  get back into my regular routines here soon. I'm loving this fall weather we've had :) 


  1. Carol prayers for you, your Dad and your BIL headed right now your way! And yes your Dad looks great :) Our MissouREE Fall weather that has been so gorgeous is here to make up for that hot humid old summer we had! Winter had better be kind to us. Take care.

  2. Prayers for both your Daddy and your brother-in-law! Take care!

  3. Carol, so sorry to hear about your father's health scare. My father had issues with Vitamin B12 deficiency and once they started him on a regimen, his condition improved rapidly. Your dad looks amazing in the photo, definitely looks like he's on the mend. He and your BIL are in my prayers!

  4. Your dad has a very handsome smile for 82. Hopefully the vitamins and a little TLC will get him back in shape very quickly. Prayers for you and yours, Carol.

  5. Prayers are on the way. Take Care!

  6. prayers for your dad, so glad he's recovering nicely. Whew!