Saturday, September 3, 2011

Macro Flower Saturday

With the heat and lack of rain we've had this summer...even my pond plants have not performed as well as usual :( 
I start the spring with 6 Water Hyacinth and in a normal summer by now the pond would be full of them and I would have thrown tons of them into the compost pile. This year I have 10 now and very few blooms through out the entire summer. But when they bloom they are beautiful.

The mini zinnias are bouncing back from the lack of rain....3 days of almost constantly running the sprinklers has perked some things back up. 

Even the Ruby Echinacia  that I thought had completely leaves and stalks that snapped off at the ground in the wind..convinced me so....Now they are peaking out of the mulch again and forming a small bloom...but they are only about 4 inches tall this time around. Conserving energy I guess.

A few of the other plants are trying to respond to the constant watering and the temps are supposed to drop tonight and stay down for at least a week...hopefully for the rest of the season! 
Hoping others are seeing recovery in their gardens!
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  1. Hi Carol! and nice to meet you! these are beautiful flower photos!

  2. I feel so sad for you folks in the drought belt. We've been more than blessed with rain.

    So glad you're managing to resurrect some of your flowers. A summer without is just so blah.

  3. They are pretty anyway and I see yours have healthy green leaves.

    Everything is burnt out by the heat by us too, we still have over 30C, very unusual for September.

    Beautiful shots.

  4. I love water hyacinths. Had the chance to get some this summer but I knew it was too hot to keep them happy. I am certain next summer will be much better.

  5. Gorgeous flowers. Isn't it amazing what a little water can do? The sprinklers are the only thing keeping my flowers alive right now.

  6. You live in a beautiful setting, Carol. I love your flowers and the peaceful scene of your house and garden.