Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Should Have Known Better......

Yesterday I decided to take my camera down to the local creek and take a photo shot/ hike. Just me and my camera and work involved.....

Water levels are low because of the lack of rain this summer but there were still some deep pools and small...very small...rapids for lack of a better term :) 

The pools had schools of little fishies darting about....

... and there were some really awesome chunks of driftwood to be found. I so wanted to drag this one home but it was too heavy for me to move :( ...maybe recruiting some help with that one on a later date.

....and then I starting finding rocks..

...and stacking rocks for the fun and beauty of it.... and then....

...collecting rocks :) and another piece of cool driftwood that I was able to drag out of the creek and into the's huge and all the critters around must have had a good laugh watching me tugging and pulling and lifting. At this point I put the camera and cell up in the truck... I had already fallen in the water twice and was lucky enough not to get either wet. Good thing I did too cause I fell again and this time in a deeper pool and I was soaked. But I got that big rock I was diving for. I know I'm a little clumsy ...but remember that creek bottoms are often covered with mossy, slimy rocks that are slicker than snot ...which was why I was falling so much. Not to mention some of the rocks I was juggling weighed 30 lbs or more. I ended up getting about twice as much as you see in the truckbed  in the photo. 

So after all of that I managed to get the rocks and driftwood home and unloaded and most of the rocks place where I wanted them around the pond

It's really starting to look good and I'm all excited to finish it.....if any yard project can ever really be called finished };-) 

A few more loads of rocks and I'll be able to start the new flower bed in the wooded area. That is where the big piece of driftwood will be going ... I think any how. 


  1. Hi Carol, yes, that has happened to us way more than I care to admit too! You think you're just going to take a little drive or stroll and the next thing you know you're hauling rocks out of the ditch or something. Love the way your new stones look around your pond, very pretty!

  2. Nicely done, Carol. Your pond looks like it has always been there. Girl power!