Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ruby Tuesday-Bloomin' Tuesday

Harvest Time has started here :) 
Just a sampling of the yummy produce we are picking daily out of the garden. 

I love the red checked napkins I've collected over the years and I use them for everything...and I really  like the flag I made from paint sticks and I promise someday I will get stars of some kind on it :) 

My pink and red Rose of Sharon is finally starting to bloom this week. I love this plant and have it planted in a big ole washtub cause I can't make up my mind where I want it's permanent home to be. Will have to decide soon though cause it has definitely outgrown the tub and needs to go into the ground. 

I harvested the garlic over the weekend  but didn't get to spread it out to dry well before the storms hit. Right after this picture I had to throw it in the shed REAL fast as the storm blew in with 70 MPH straight line winds!  Lots of damage through out the subdivision and we lost power from Sunday afternoon until last night...no fun in this heat let me tell you!  

I have more garlic than we will be able to use this year before it starts going bad...so I"ll be sharing with family and friends :) 

Planted 3 kinds this year and can't wait to try and see if the taste as different as they look.

The yarrow is in bloom!!!!

.....and the Bee Balm that was gifted to me last year by my friend at work Donna! 

I love when friends share their beauty!


  1. What a harvest and, oh my, that garlic! Carol, your garden is doing so well. Glad you did not have to suffer the power outage too long.

  2. Ooh, I wish I lived close enough for you to share some garlic with ME! Love your flowers.

  3. Your flowers are very beautiful and the crops too.

    Garlic is very expensive by us, you could make good money here with all those crops.

    So many days without power. I will never complain again when we lose power for a few second and all my work on the computer gets lost.

  4. Our zucchini plants are blooming, so we will soon have zucchini. Things are looking good, but we are far behind you. Love the bee balm.

  5. The garlic does have different tastes, Carol and homegrown is the best.