Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Miss Cheep Rooms Thursdays :(

I love Birdhouses!
I don't have many....but I'm working on changing that! Here's my newest addition :) 

We have a great flea market in our area every Sunday and I love going there. The last two years there has been a vender there that makes and sells birdhouses. I have ogled and drooled and wished and once before I purchased one. Last week  I bought my second one from him. 

Let me tell you he makes the best birdhouses. The are heavy duty....constructed correctly and made of cedar or other great woods. 
He just has lousy tastes in colors when he decides to paint them :) 
This jewel will be getting a updo on the paint job before it finds it's permanent home! I'm thinking basic white with black trim and roof....anyone got any other suggestions? 

Just a shot of one of the visitors at one of my feeders this week....

Maybe he was checking out the new birdhouse wondering when it would be available for occupancy ? 


  1. Cool birdhouse! I think your choice of paint color sounds good. I'm sure some nice family will be ready to move in as soon as you have it hung, maybe before if you leave it there.

  2. Oh, you are a sweetie. Just happened to stop by to see what you were up to... I will get a linky thing up for July in the morning. (I am supposed to be doing the dishes.)

  3. Flea markets are too dangerous for me to go to anymore! You found a winner!