Sunday, June 19, 2011

Camera Critters

Setting on the deck trying to cool off and this little guy dropped in a for a visit.
 Not sure exactly what kind he is but he was entertaining.

Then I look over and one of the dogs has decided he wants to cool off too and I guess he was too lazy to walk across the yard to his pool. The fish pond was much closer :)

Now that is a look of pure contentment if I ever saw one :)

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  1. Enjoying your camera critters post this early morning! Beautiful face on that Pup. I think he is smiling.

  2. I would be smiling too if I were in that pool. Hot here. Nice photos, Carol.

  3. I just love it when a butterfly hangs around long enough for a good shot. Lucky you! I think your pup is smiling. Cute!

  4. He looks so content in the middle of the pond. VEry cute picture.

  5. Nice pics. Love the dog making itself comfortable. :)

  6. I believe you have some kind of moth here, I just love how his colors camoflauge him against the wood.

    You have a very smart and beautiful dog, I also would choose the pond over the pool!!