Friday, May 13, 2011

Yard Art Thursday....and Spring Blooms

  Playing with the settings on my cell phone camera and got this really cool shot of the Iris in the driveway flowerbed.

  Most of my Iris are in bloom now and so pretty. I really love these yellow ones!

 The baby birds in the charcoal grill have hatched out and are actually filling out well. Usually when I peak they all open their mouths wide and it's so  cute...of course not today when I have the camera.
 Here's a close up of the Iris with my "real" camera. My cell phone actually has a very good camera on it...just not as good as the "real" camera :) 

 The green beans in the veggie garden are up!!!

Chives are in full bloom ...gotta get busy and do something with them :)

...and last but not least some garden art from one of my favorite gardens to visit. My grandson's piano teacher. This is his last month of piano lessons so I won't be visiting this garden anymore :(  maybe she'll give me a former student pass to visit :)


  1. So thanks to Blogger this is a day late posting....and I was so proud of myself for actually get one done on time :( At least it's here now :)

  2. Beautiful garden pictures. I can believe you took them with your phone? My cell phone photos always look terrible.

    I am glad the see the picture with the sink used as a pot. I am glad I am not the only to reuse bath room fixtures.


  3. What beautiful iris you have! I love reusing items in the garden. I bet the piano teacher will welcome you back - we all love to show off our gardens.