Sunday, May 22, 2011

Works in progress......

 Things are growing by leaps and bounds now that warm weather is finally here. 
Here are the baby birds all cuddled in their nest on Thursday. On Saturday morning they flew the coup and we can reclaim our charcoal grill again :-) 

The roses are blooming and looking great!

My "Wisteria Tree" is blooming and smelling soooo good!  I had a tree trunk that had been struck by lightening and died so I planted wisteria vines at the base and trained them up the truck. It's so pretty in the spring and we even sometimes get a second smaller bloom latter in the summer.

More roses :-)

We've done a lot more work around the pond. I added a solar light by the giant shell that changes colors and looks so cool at night. Very hard to get a good picture though.

We added a fountain and more plants inside and out of the pond and then finally brought the two  goldfish out of their winter tank in the basement.

Can you say "HAPPY FISH?" 

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  1. I love the light in the shell. It looks like a pearl in an oyster.