Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blooming Tuesday

I don't know if it's the extra rain or the cooler weather this year....but whatever the cause my Iris are huge this year and really stunning. 

These all came from my sister who got them from an old man who was thinning out his gardens and set a big box along the side of the road with "Free" written on it. 
I mean a BIG box.

So we have no idea what kinds they are except that they are all beautiful. 

The shade garden is starting to fill in and look nice. 

I still need to pick up some annuals to fill in but I have gotten out the garden art and set them around :)
So even though it's still chilly and wet and we even had frost warnings again last night...things are waking up and looking good :)


  1. Your iris are beautiful, love the color of the first one-enjoy:@)

  2. Yes, your irises are stunning! I have mostly sun so I always envy someone's shade garden. I enjoyed visiting.

  3. Pretty iris and love your garden art.


  4. That is a cute chicken! Beautiful iris, bet all the flowers will be beautiful this year with all the rain.

  5. Beautiful Iris! I only have the normal purple but no blooms yet. Love the chicken! Jean

  6. Oh those Iris are truley stunning. Mine aren't so grand and tend to flop over. Maybe its time to look for some new and improved vareties. :)