Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting Ready for WINTER STORMS AGAIN.......

One more time this winter we are expecting severe weather...ICE...SLEET and TONS OF SNOW! So I have hauled in a bunch of firewood in case we lose power  and  heading out soon to buy up a couple of  5 gal bottles of water.  Hopefully we won't get the ice  but I haven't been very lucky this year so I'm preparing for the worst.  

Below is my post from yesterday that I thought I put on here but I managed to put it on my other blog instead.   I've done so much physical  work this weekend that most of my muscles are screaming at me in revolt. But I'm loving all that I have accomplished! I guess it's a worth while price to pay. 

Another Sleepless Night and Manic Day

Couldn't sleep at all last night so I finally got back up and started cleaning and rearranging things.... again. I worked on several art projects too. Just couldn't stay  focused on any one thing for very long but did manage to get a lot accomplished in spite of myself. 
Of course the dogs were not happy with me at all for breaking their routine. They have such expressive faces. I wish I could understand what they are really thinking.  But then maybe I really don't want to know either.
Weekends are so weird for me now. Don't really want to hang out with our "couple" friends and be the "odd " person tagging along. What single friends I do have are way to young for me to be hanging out with and I just can't see myself hanging out at a bar waiting for some creep to hit on me. Just thinking about it makes me shudder. 
Sure will be glad when Spring gets here and I can start working outside again. 

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  1. I understand about those weekends. You will eventually find some friends your age, but it takes time. One of 1st hubbies work friends divorced not too long after my divorce. She called me for support. Although we barely knew each other before, we became life long friends. Hang in there. Nice drawing, by the way.