Thursday, December 16, 2010

How Do You Get Through Tough Times?

First of all thank you for your prayers! My mother-in-law is still in need of them as she struggles through her final days. We have moved her back to the nursing home and set her up with the Hospice Program.  She has lost her will to live and stopped eating and it's time to let her have her peace. We have struggled with this and know in our heart that it is the best for her and us. 
It has been difficult for me to appear to lose everything at once but I read "funkyjunkinteriors" post today and it made me realize I still have a world of Good left in my life and I will survive this. The post is beautiful and inspiring and here is the link to it. 

Thank You Donna for sharing your beautiful words and inspirations.


  1. Carol, thinking of you and Celia. Remembering you in my prayers each evening.

  2. Sending positive energy your way, Carol!