Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Visitors--- Green Herons

It seems that every summer we have some sort of unusual critter visit us. Some stay a short while and others spend the summer with us. This years visitors is a small family of Green Herons. They nest in the oaks at the back of our lot and appear to feed at the neighboring ponds and creeks. At least so far they have left my little fish pond alone and hopefully they will continue to. This is either a female or a young male that hasn't developed his colors yet. It is the one that allowed me take 100s of photos before it flew off .
The garden is coming along and the flowers are looking better. I had to pull up all the green beans due to some sort of blight. But I'll plant more in a different spot and hope for the best .


  1. wow! you're so lucky to have the green heron visit your humble home! aren't they lovely? how exciting, Carol!

  2. Thanks Carolynn! I love watching all the birds that visit our little corner of the world.

  3. hello...I would like to come visit and photograph
    them...is that possible ?


    I live in Laurel MD