Monday, July 15, 2019

Best Friends and other things going on here.

This is just one of the many reasons I haven't been blogging this year. Spending lots of time with these two fills my heart and wears me out. 
Can't believe they are 14 months old now and busy little bees for sure. Dominic is now walking and into everything. While Maryana is still crawling or walking on her knees, she still manages to get into her fair share of mischief. 
Their Mom has been very sick so I have been with them a lot the last couple of weeks.
Bob and I are both still struggling with our back issues so we are not getting the things we want done around here. 
We did hire someone to tear out the front porch and pour a new one. They will be adding a roof in the next few weeks and then the re-landscaping around it will begin.
We loved our old porch and we had built it ourselves. Unfortunately even with the help of  all of the youtube videos we didn't build it right. We have have TOO much clay in our area and the porch began to settle and crack. 
Here are so photos when it was first built..

After landscaping it was beautiful...
Then it starting sinking after a few years.

So this is where we are now with the new construction.


There are concrete pillars rebar and tons of gravel under there to keep it from settling this time. It has to set for several weeks before the columns and roof can  be added. Then I get to landscape around it again. HOPEFULLY FOR THE LAST TIME!!!!
My parents are still going downhill. Now Mom has been in and out of the hospital. Mostly with dehydration and it's complications. Can't convince her she has to drink even though it makes her go to the bathroom too much.
I'm not linking to "T Stands for Tuesday" again this week as I know I won't be getting around to visit many. 


  1. Just wonderful, thanks for sharing. It made me smile big time! Hugs, Valerie

  2. What cuties! :) Such a shame about your porch, but the re-do is looking good, and I'm sure the garden planning will be fun. I'm sorry about the family health issues :(

  3. The front porch looks a lot bigger now!

    Blessings to you and your family.

  4. Life sounds so very busy for you Carol. I hope the good is really good (like those 2 babies but I hope their mom gets better soon) and that new porch you will have soon too. And I hope the bad doesn't get any worse. It is tough when our parents get elderly, isn't it? Hugs and happy T day even though I know you aren't linking up. Erika

  5. Lot of work but it will be so nice when they finish it.
    LOVE the video!! No wonder you have no time to blog. ;)

  6. Such a sweet video! Looks like you are going to have more porch to enjoy. And a roof! Sorry about you and your husband's back issues. My back has been acting up since we moved along with dry eye syndrome. Sorry about your parent's health issues.

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