Tuesday, August 7, 2018

T Stands for Tuesdays

Hello again! 
I know it's been weeks since I've posted and it's likely to be weeks again before I get back. I also apologize now for not getting around to visiting all of your post. It's just going to be one of those weeks again here. 
My dad has been ill again and in the hospital. This time it was the doctors fault 😠
They had prescribed way to much medication and he became toxic from it.  
He has recovered from that and was doing well and then he developed a lump on his face that became extremely painful. He went to the ER who told him he had cancer and they wouldn't touch it. He needs to see his doctor and get a biopsy and then see a specialist. So now we have that worry on our plate. 
The bright side of life here is the babies are doing great!!! Growing like crazy !

Dominic still outweighs Maryana a whole lot but she is doing better at gaining weight. He has gotten over his colic stage and is a happy baby now. 
They both laugh a lot and baby talk all of the time. 
The garden has struggled this year with the heat and the extreme dryness. Half of the tomato plants are dying and the Japanese Beetles ate the green beans and lots of other things. Definitely the worst year ever for those critters 😮

So that's what's happening here!
Today's Random Thoughts





  1. wow at least you got lovely sunflowers-out of 4 packets of seeds I only got 2 little puny plants ha ha
    prayers for your Dad hopefully not cancer
    Happy T wishes Kathy

  2. Glad the babies are doing so well but sorry to hear about your day. Look after yourself, too. Hugs, Valerie

  3. Cute babies and littles pics. The sunflowers look good too. Hope things are better for your dad.

  4. A worrying time for you. I hope all will be well and your dad will have a full recovery.
    The photos of the family are lovely they seem so happy and content.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  5. I'm sorry your dad is having a hard time. The family pics are sweet :) Those sunflowers are lookin' great! Happy T Tuesday

  6. Sorry to hear about your Dad Carol. Hopefully the cancer is one that is easily treated and cured. And boy those babies are getting big and definitely cute. hope life gets on a more mellow track for you. And happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  7. What worrisome news about your father, Carol. I hope the ER is wrong, and things aren't as gloomy as they make it out to be.

    Your sunflowers are doing great despite the bugs, critters, and drought. They look very happy.

    So do the twins. They are truly adorable and it's so good to watch as they continue to grow.

    Thanks for sharing your sunflowers, the twins, and your coffee with us for T this Tuesday. Sorry I was late visiting. I was out standing in line to vote. Looks like YOU had a big primary election today, too.

  8. Your grandchildren are cuties! Especially those twins. ;) Sorry to hear that your father is going through a difficult time. I hope that the lump on his face is not cancer. Healthcare can be so frustrating at times.As a nurse, I think that medication is over prescribed. Sadly, interactions happen often. I guess that is why it is called the practice of medicine. I hope you are able to find a better doctor and are able to find answers.

    Your sunflowers are beautiful despite your rough season. I didn't have very good yield either. For me the pests come in the form of beetles and groundhogs. Grrr.
    Happy Tea Day,

  9. Oh Carol .. sending good thoughts for your father that it is nothing serious. Those babies are just beautiful... Our little one is a few weeks behind yours i think but she is smiling up a storm.. Happy T day hugs! deb

  10. You certainly have a lot to deal with, hope your dad's issues are not as serious as they think. Take care of yourself!

  11. Sending prayers for your dad that's it's something simple and not cancer. Your grandchildren are beautiful. I love seen big sis enjoying the twins so much.

    I'm glad you made it to T and hope the coming week will be less stressful.

    Hugs, Eileen

  12. Oh dear, lets hope that something can be done quickly! Those babies are looking like proper little characters now! The heat has seen off a lot of plants here too, pleased to see that the sunflowers love this weather! We are due to have rain this weekend, just as we have bought tickets for a county show!! Wishing you a better week,Belated Happy T day! Chrisx

  13. Sending healing thoughts and wishes for your dad! How lovely to see the twins, it's a joy to see them looking so happy 😁. I think Autumn/Fall will be with us early this year as many of the plants that should be flowering all summer long are going to seed already because of the heat. Your sunflowers look spectacular and I'm loving your random thoughts, so true 😀. Thinking of you and wishing you well! J 😊 x

  14. omg Carol, those babies are unbelievably cute :-) Congrats on becoming a grandma!!! So sorry to hear about your dad. I've always heard that cancer doesn't hurt in the beginning phases, so hopefully it's something else that they can cure fast. Sending healing thoughts your way ♥♥♥