Tuesday, June 26, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello Again Tuesday Friends!!!
This has been another busy busy week here.
Work has been slow so I had extra time off which gave me the chance to get some things done around here. I was too hot to work outside most of the week. 
I did get extra play time with the babies though ♥ 
They are growing so fast...can't believe they are 6 weeks old now. 
Dominic is still growing faster and is starting to respond to voices and follow you with his eyes ♥
Maryana is growing but not at the same speed. She is still wearing preamie clothes and the newborn diapers still swallow here. 
She's the easy baby and Dominic still demands much more attention and effort.
She'll catch up in her own time :) 
The Lilies are still going strong here along with the coneflowers.

Yesterday was my birthday so we went to my parents over the weekend. My sister and I have the same birthday but she is 3 years younger. She crashed my 3rd birthday party !

We went out to eat Friday night at one of the local Italian Restaurant. I had won a gift card for dinner for 2 :) 
I had water with my meal and you can barely see it in the upper left hand corner. I had the Spinach & Chicken Lasagna with a white sauce. It was DIVINE !!!!! 
Today's Random Thought





  1. The babies are gorgeous! Wonderful floral photos, too. Happy belated birthday, glad you had a great celebration. Happy T Day! Hugs, Valerie

  2. You have such lovely flowers I really enjoy that you share with us. I lost almost all of my flowers years ago from that major ice storm we had followed with high temps in spring and then crashed with high freezers-lost roses lilies everything-decided no more ha ha we had spent so much planting everything too--oh well now I plant easy with seeds the babies I can't believe that they are that old already either.
    Happy T Day hugs

    1. Oh and Happy Birthday to you and your sister-how cool is that to get a sister on your birthday-hugs

  3. ah what darling babies to have in your life:) Your flowers are all so pretty- I love having so much vibrant color around this time of year:) And a happy belated birthday to you-sounds like you enjoyed a wonderful time! Happy T day!

  4. Adorable, Carol. Thanks for sharing photos of the twins. Babies grow so quickly, it's just amazing to watch.

    Your lilies are beautiful.

    Happy birthday to you both!

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  5. The flowers! Those lilies! And I love the coneflowers, too :) I've never had a lasagna with white sauce, but it looks delicious. Happy T Tuesday

  6. The twins are beautiful, you must be happy spending time with them.
    Your flowers look lovely, super summer colours., it looks like you had a lovely family day.
    Yvonne xx
    Happy Birthday wishes

  7. The twins are so adorable Carol!! Oh how i wish i could show you all photos of my granddaughter.. She is two weeks behind yours.. But daughter wants nothing on the internet..

    Your Garden is gorgeous Carol! So good to see you this week! Happy T day Hugs! deb

  8. Wow, 6 weeks old already - how time flies! Such adorable photos of them both too, I bet you enjoy spending time with them :-) . It looks like you had wonderful celebrations and thanks for sharing those lovely photos of you all - Happy Birthday! I'm loving those liles and todays random thoughts too. Wishing you a Happy T Day! J x

  9. I apologize for visiting late, but this has been a very emotional day in my world. What a joy to see the babies, though. That helped, as did the fabulous flowers. My cosmos all died, after about six years. I'm sad. Your lilies are out of this world, though.

    I would love that lasagna, since I'm also not a fan of red sauce. And yes, I saw your water.

    It's been too hot here, too, to be outside. The humidity is a real killer. Thanks for sharing the babies, your flowers, and your food and water with us for T this Tuesday.

  10. AT this point in time you must enjoy sharing your birthday with your sister. Your lilies look gorgeous, and I do like seeing the babies. Interesting how different they are already. I imagine when they are older they will be so different also. :) Happy belated birthday, happy T day and I hope all is well in your world. Hugs-Erika

  11. What a great birthday! You all look so happy. I have two cousin sisters whose birthday is the same day two years apart, but it is worst for them because it is December 21st! So they just about don’t have one. But they go on a trip together to celebrate usually for a month or so before their actual birthday each year. Happy TDay!

  12. Happy Birthday Carol! looks like you had fun...and what gorgeousnous ...babies, birthday girls and lilies! happy T day!

  13. Those twins are gorgeous! I would want to snuggle with them all day! I have a few years to go but I think I will look forward to being a Grandmother.
    Happy Birthday. Your meal looks delicious. I can't imagine it is terribly fun to share your birthday as a child. But as you get older I bet it is special. Especially if you and your sister are friends. Glad that you enjoyed your meal.
    Happy Belated Tea Day,

  14. Hi Carol! I've just been catching up on those adorable babies! Isn't it great being a grandma?! I have also enjoyed a catch up on your flowers too! Belated Happy Birthday and Belated Happy T Day too! Chrisx

  15. Those two babies are beautiful! Well, Dominic is handsome... :) Your flowers are gorgeous and I am so happy you have had some time off to enjoy your grandtwins and the flowers. A very Happy Birthday to you... a bit late I know but the wishes are true! Your first random thought, I always make a point to practice those words of wisdom! Good Morning! Yes we moved!!! It's a long roller coaster of a story and I won't bore you with it. But the buyers of our house signed the contract on the 4th of May and we all closed on the 7th of June and we were here in Florida on the 9th of June.