Monday, January 15, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday an COLD WEATHER

Hello again Tuesday FRIENDS ! 
The "BIG CHILL" has arrived again here so it's stay in and stay warm time. 
We had some very warm days last week...even up in the 60's and then BOOM! In a matter of 2 hours we dropped down to the lower 30's and winds ..oh yes, there were WINDS! 

So when it's cold outside and I'm stuck at home I cook. :) 
This week it was from Bob's Grandma's favorite cookbook.
I made one of Bob's favorites ...
The Cabbage Rolls :) One of those old fashion recipes that has to bake for 3 hours on low heat and is oh so yummy.
Here is what was left from Saturday and we are having it tonight :) 

Yesterday I made a huge pot of lima bean and ham soup and let it cook for hours on low too.  Slow cooking is so good. 
I played with the paints again too. I did more of the acrylic pours only this time I poured them onto glass and then when they were dried I slowly peeled it off with a razor blade and glued it to some boxes. Love how this turned out. 
The pours....

So far I have used them to cover the top of this paper mache box.
Which also happens to show my ever present cold drink :0) 
A couple of mini Altoid tins..
Next I will be covering some tea boxes to gift some of my own herbal tea blends in. 

The birds are at the feeders in a frenzy...

... and of course the squirrels have to get their share too. The Chickadee was not happy with the squirrel at all. I can relate. 
Today's Random Thoughts

Thanks for dropping by!!! 


  1. Sorry it's so cold there. We have got cold storms on their way so should be well frozen by Thursday. Love the acrylic pours, that's a great idea to do them on glass plates, must try that. Those squirrels make sure to get their share of the good things! Keep warm and look after yourself, happy T day, hugs, Valerie

  2. I fear I missed out on the warm days. We have had bitter cold here for days on end. Tonight it is supposed to get down to -11 F. The winds make it even more dangerous. I hope it isn't as cold where you are.

    I love those pours. I've never tried it, but I like how they turned out, especially on the altoid tins.

    I really LOVED the photo of the squirrel with the cardinal in the background. I miss seeing cardinals here.

    Thanks for sharing your art, your yummy food, your random thoughts, your beautiful photos of the birds, and your cold drink container with us for T this Tuesday. I'll join you for cabbage rolls, please!

  3. Stay warm. WE've had that same temperature change up here in New England. Staying in a cooking is a great way to spend the inside time. Those stuffed cabbage rolls looks delicious. I haven't had them in forever. And your pours came out perfect too! They looks a lot that fancy Italian paper. Happy T day. Stay warm. :) Hugs-Erika

  4. Baking is a great way to spend cold days and those cabbage rolls look so very delicious, yum! Your paint pours are amazing, I love the colours and patterns you created and how cool are those boxes and tins - stunning 😁. Wow, you've had a lot of visitors and I'm sure the birds and Mr. Squirrel 😉... appreciate your kindness! I'm loving today's random thoughts too 😁. Wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😊

  5. We had a crazy weather period like yours too. Nothing like comfort foods and slow cooker meals in winter especially. Haven't made cabbage rolls in a long time-yours look so good! Loving your paint pours-and they look awesome on the box and tins!! Stay warm and a happy T day to you too.
    PS-thanks for the info on the dream wheel visionaries group:)

  6. Your acrylic pours look amazing and I love how you have used them on the boxes.
    Cooking is a good way to spend time on cold days, your cabbage rolls looked delicious.
    Your animal visitors looked happy at their feeding stations, its lovely to watch them and imagine what they think.
    Happy T day wishes, stay safe and warm.
    Yvonne xx

  7. Good morning I love what you are doing with your painted pieces-very cool-loving those little tea boxes you are making.
    I love to cook and bake too when it is so cold. Hubs would have loved those cabbage rolls which reminds me I have large sweet peppers in the freezer to stuff. yesterday I made white beans and ham with cornbread-we love that in the winter time too.
    brrrr so cold here this morning-hubs had to even go out into the pump house to thaw out this little area as the heater went off last night. what is strange is that I have all three faucets dripping water too and they were dripping this morning.
    stay warm and safe Happy T Day Kathy

  8. Slow cooking is sooo good! I have a slow cooker so I won't have to have my oven on for hours on end.
    I have not heard of acrylic pours and don't quite understand how you do it but the result is amazing. I love those little boxes. You did an magnificent job there.
    I love the shots from the bird feeder. What frenzy.
    And of course your random thoughts are great as always.
    Happy T-Day,

  9. love that old cookbook and your pour boxes are great

  10. Your acrylic pours are gorgeous! I can't imagine how difficult peeling them off and moving them to another surface would be. The little tins are perfect for them.

    I love the pictures you got of your feeders. We have a platform feeder that seems to satisfy our squirrel. I never get that many -or that many different kinds- at a time. What fun!

    Happy T Tuesday!

    1. Oh, and I love bean soups! Wonderful this time of year. Lima bean and ham sounds tasty :)

  11. How great to use that old recipe book - that looks good and I bet it smelled good while it was cooking too! We like one pot dishes that take their time! Love your paint pours! Those tins look amazing! Love the angry Chickadee (we call them blue tits) photo! Happy T day! Chrisx

  12. Those cabbage rolls look so good. But those marbled papers are amazing!! I love the colors and patterns.
    I hope you share some of your herbal tea recipes. I love making my own and am looking for new recipes.
    Happy Tea Day,

  13. Sorry to be so late getting around, Carol. We’ve had terrible & intermittant internet for a couple of days – often less than 1 megabyte download!

    I have a well-worn vintage Polish recipe book too! My hubby is 100% Polish, so I wanted to learn to make meals with family memories for him. Your cabbage rolls make my mouth water ;-)

    I love your marbleized box and the Altoid tins. The pour process sounds like fun.

    OMGosh, that's our dog, Sadie, in the last random thought - lol.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  14. I've never heard of acrylic pours but what you have created is nothing short of fabulous! And I love how you have used them to decorate the box and the tins. Wow! What a great way to spend your indoor days!

  15. WOW!!!! pouring onto glass then adhering onto other objects is genius for pours! I'm definitely going to try that technique!